Myths About Lead Generation: What You Need to Know About Buying Leads and Getting More Jobs

Myths About Lead Generation: What You Need to Know About Buying Leads

The key to getting more jobs is with more leads. You’ve also probably heard a lot of different things about buying leads. While some of the things you’ve hard might be true, there are also a lot of myths about lead generation. We look at the most common lead generation myths and help separate the fact from the myth. Plus, we tell you what you need to know about buying leads.

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Myths About Lead Generation

There is No Reason to Buy Leads, I Can Get Them For Free

This is the number one myth about buying leads. While you may think you get all of your leads for free, how many leads are you really getting from a social media post or from customers who saw your phone number on the side of your truck? If you’re getting enough leads through those methods alone, consider yourself extremely lucky.

Most successful businesses need at least a small advertising and marketing budget to effectively target customers. Whether you’re advertising in community bulletins or running paid search campaigns, you probably need to spend money to make money. Buying leads is just another method of getting opportunities for more jobs.

Every Lead is a Guaranteed Job

While you may think every lead is a guaranteed job, that’s unfortunately not the case. This is true of any method you use to generate leads, not just when buying them. Most of your leads, regardless of where they came from, probably do become jobs. However, a small percentage don’t work out for one reason or another.

We listen to thousands of leads a week and, on average, 90% of them turn into jobs. Obviously there are many variables that can affect that percentage, but the same is true of your community bulletin ads or paid search campaigns. The difference is, we have a team reviewing every call so we can continue to improve our ad targeting. Better ads mean better leads.

I’ll Get Billed For Spam Calls and Wrong Numbers

Many contractors assume that they’ll get billed for spam calls and wrong numbers. While some lead generation companies will charge for these calls, we do not. As long as you answer the call and try to validate the lead, you won’t get billed for some robocall promising lower rates on your credit card or someone who typed in the wrong number.

In fact, we don’t even charge if the customer is trying to reach a competitor. However, we do recommend that you try to convert the lead in those cases. It seems silly to turn away a customer that needs your service just because they thought they were calling a different company. Hopefully, you are already doing this with leads you generate as well.

The Lead Is Going to Several Contractors

Although many other lead generation companies do sell their leads to several contractors, we send all of our leads exclusively to one contractor. You aren’t competing for the lead, so you have the best opportunity to close the job. The one consideration here is that the customer may call another company, which is beyond our control.

Unfortunately, this is a risk that you face with any method of lead generation. If you arrive at a job site to find another contractor already there or another on shows up once you’ve arrived, always be polite. Making a scene will only look bad on you and the customer is more likely to hire the other company.

Buying Leads Doesn’t Build My Brand

True, most lead generation companies market your services but not your name. However, the customer is unaware of the marketing and lead generation aspect. They have an issue, they search for how to fix it, and end up connected to you. This allows you to sell them on your brand.

Once you sign them, they are the exact same as any other customer. They work directly with you throughout the project and pay you for your services. Once the job is completely, asked them to leave a review and refer you to friends and family. If you have email or traditional mail campaigns, add them to those lists as well.

What You Need to Know About Buying Leads

Buying leads from a lead generation company is just another opportunity for you to get more jobs. The biggest advantage of buying leads is you get the skill of a marketing agency at a fraction of the cost. They are constantly refining their campaigns to produce the highest quality leads. Plus, they have the budget to compete with the top brands.

Look for lead generation companies that provide high-quality, exclusive leads. They should offer flat-rate, upfront pricing on all of their leads as well. Avoid any company that requires a long-term contract or that charges hidden fees or account set charges.

The Advantages of Buying Leads From 33 Mile Radius

The biggest reason to buy our leads is that they are completely exclusive. When you get one of our leads, you’re the only contractor we’re connecting with that customer. Plus we clearly outline our billable criteria. It needs to be the homeowner or decision-maker calling about a service you’re signed up for in an area you are active.

All of our leads are a fixed, flat-rate. You don’t have to bid to get leads, you just pay a flat price for each one. Lead prices do vary by service type and area. Unlike some other companies, we never charge for wrong numbers or spam calls. We also have a dispute process, which triggers us to review the lead again and re-score it. With our pause feature, you can take time off when you’re too busy or just need a break. You are also free to cancel your account at any time, giving you complete flexibility with your business.

Still Have Questions About Buying Leads?

If you still have questions about buying leads, our business development managers are here to help. Fill out our contact form below and we will contact you within 1 business day to explain more about how our leads work. You can also schedule a call that fits with your schedule or call 888-594-8381 now to learn more.

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