Turning Unauthorized Callers into Jobs: How to Sell Family Members, Renters, Business Tenants, and Realtors on Restoration Services

In the past, we’ve recommended that you tell renters and tenants to have the property owner call back. However, we noticed that some of our partners started trying to convert these opportunities by getting the decision maker involved. After researching their techniques, we want to share them with you in the hopes that it helps you convert more calls into jobs.

It does mean spending a little more time on the phone and taking a bit of a risk. However, that first apartment building or commercial property restoration job could be your biggest job of the month. Not only could it pay for your leads for the next few months, but you could end up being their go-to restoration contractor for future problems.

Types of Calls You Should Try to Convert

Obviously, only the decision maker is able to authorize the work, so you absolutely need to talk with them before you can close the job. However, some jobs might be worth the extra effort.

Family Calling On Behalf of a Relative

It’s extremely common for elderly adults to ask a trusted younger relative to make calls for restoration services on their behalf. Of all of the non-decision maker calls you should try to convert, these are often the easiest. If a family relation is calling, it’s likely the homeowner will be present to sign off on the work order.

Commercial Tenants, Especially in Office Buildings or Plazas

Although many tenants will call their building maintenance line or property manager first, there are always exceptions. Some tenants might think it’s their responsibility to find a restoration contractor first, while others might be unable to reach their property manager. Depending on the scope of the job, providing an estimate on a multi-unit commercial space might be worth the risk of not securing the job.

Residential Renters, Especially in Apartment Buildings or Condo Units

There is often a misconception about renters calling for restoration services directly. While some may be trying to avoid alerting their landlord to an issue they caused, many don’t trust their landlord or rental company to fix the problem correctly. A rental property is an opportunity to secure a large job, so it’s worth qualifying the call before turning a renter away.

Real Estate Agents or Home Buyers

Realtors and home buyers are also likely to call about services on homes they are in the process of buying. While they aren’t the decision maker, they might be in a position to make a recommendation or request. For that reason, it’s worth having a conversation and building trust with them. If they are in love with the home but not the mold, you could be the deciding factor between them closing the sale and spending another month searching for the right home.

How to Convert These Calls Into Viable Jobs

Instead of rushing a renter, tenant, or real estate agent off the phone, try to capitalize on these opportunities. Even if you still turn away most of these callers, a few extra minutes could result in a multi-unit supply line restoration job.

Ask Qualifying Questions

Asking qualifying questions while help you understand the scope of the job and determine whether it’s worth the extra effort. Focus on quantifying the extent of the damage. The ideal situation may vary contractor to contractor, so look for a situation that is a good opportunity for your business.

Build Trust With The Caller

If the opportunity seems like a good fit, work on building trust with the caller. Not every renter or tenant will be able to influence the decision maker, but they will likely advocate for hiring you instead of an unknown outsider if they trust. Be sympathetic to their situation, but also honest about needing approval from the decision maker.

Offer To Work With Their LandLord or Property Manager

Once you’ve established trust, try to set up a conference with the decision maker. A three-way call is the easiest way to start that conversation, but there are alternatives. If this is a family member, verbal confirmation that they are calling on behalf of the decision maker is probably good enough to set the appointment for an estimate.

For renter and tenants, ask if the landlord is on site. An in-person conversation can be effective, especially when you start pointing out the damage. It might even be worth offering to call them directly on behalf of the renter or tenant. While there is a risk you still won’t end up with the job, you a guaranteed to lose out if you don’t even try.

Start Closing More High-Value Jobs Today

You take a risk every time you pick up the phone. Whether it’s a call generated by your own marketing or one of our leads, you can’t predict who will be on the other end. While you might typically turn away tenants, they present an entirely new opportunity for you to convert more jobs.

Talk with them to qualify the damage, sympathize with them and build trust, and then try to get them to put you in contact with their landlord or property manager. Not every call from a renter will turn into a job, but they are more likely to present an opportunity to land a large loss.

Not a Partner? You Can Still Take Advantage of Calls From Renters

If you aren’t currently signed up to receive our leads, you can still use this information to turn more opportunities into jobs. When you get calls from renters, business owners, or realtors, ask them qualifying questions and work to sell them – and their landlords – on your services.

And if you still aren’t getting enough leads, our exclusive restoration phone leads could be the answer. We use a variety of marketing channels to produce high quality, conversion-ready leads. With our fair and flexible pricing, we only bill you for valid leads. Learn more about our lead generation services.

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