Try 10 Billable Leads: Try Us for at Least 10 Billable Leads to See How We Perform

As you probably already know, not every lead turns into a job. Regardless of whether it came from 33 Mile Radius or from your own marketing efforts, some leads just don’t work out. For this reason, we always ask our partners to try us for at least 10 billable leads. Remember, we only bill you for leads if they meet the billable criteria. We want all of our partners to be successful with our leads. Trying us for 10 billable leads ensures you get an accurate picture of how we perform for you. Regardless, there are never any long term commitments and you are free to pause or cancel your account at any time.

Reasons to Try Us For 10 Billable Leads

Remember, not every lead you receive will be billable. Trying us for 10 billable leads allows you to measure your performance and return on spend.

  1. It takes time for all types of marketing to perform, even buying leads.
  2. One big lead could pay for all of your leads for the month or even the year.
  3. You need time and data to see how we perform for you.
  4. All leads are exclusive, giving you the best opportunity to close the job.

Advantages of Buying Leads from 33 Mile Radius

Not all lead generation companies are the same. However, 33 Mile Radius strives to provide the highest quality leads with fair and flexible pricing.

  1. Upfront Pricing – We outline the price for all of our leads up front. Lead prices start at $60 per valid lead and vary depending on the type of lead and the service area.
  2. Only Pay for Valid Leads – You only pay for leads that are from the homeowner or decision maker, calling about a service you offer, in an area you are active in. You never pay for wrong numbers, customers calling for services you don’t offer, or calls from tenants
  3. Ability to Dispute Billable Leads – We have a process for disputing billable leads. Depending on the situation, you could get a refund, service credit, or we may agree to settle for a lower amount.
  4. Pause Leads at Any Time – Whether you are at capacity or just need the night off, you can pause the flow of leads at any time.
  5. No Long Term Contracts – We do have a service agreement that outlines all of our terms,  but there are no long term contractors or commitments to join 33 Mile Radius. You are free to change or cancel your account at any time.
  6. No Hidden Fees – There are no signup fees for joining our network and no monthly maintenance fees to remain active. You only pay for leads that meet our billable criteria.

Understanding Leads and Lead Generation Companies

Leads are often confusing, with many assuming these are guaranteed jobs. However, a lead is nothing more than an opportunity. Each lead is a chance to land a customer and a job. Leads often come as phone calls but may include text messages, emails, or comments on social media.

Many contractors are reluctant to use a lead generation company because they don’t want to pay for leads. However, there is almost always a cost associated with creating these opportunities. Whether you’re paying directly for the lead or the advertising that generated it, there is a cost involved.

While buying leads may appear more expensive up front, they typically convert at a higher rate than other leads. It’s also easy to underestimate how much leads from other methods cost unless you are actually tracking your advertising and marketing expenses.

To track the actual cost of each lead, you need to know how each was generated. From there you, you need to track how it performed and how much you made of that lead. Without measuring your performance, you don’t really know which lead generation methods are effective.

This is Why We Ask You to Try Us for Billable 10 Leads

If you are tracking the leads you generate from your own marketing efforts, you know that leads can be unpredictable. One may turn into a great job, but the next doesn’t work out. Both were an opportunity, but not everyone will convert. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of leads.

We want every one of our partners to be successful with our leads, which is why we’ve built our lead generation network to be as fair and flexible as possible. From our dispute process to our pause feature, we give you complete control over your leads. However, not every lead you get is guaranteed to turn into a great job.

Every form of advertising and marketing takes time to perform and buying leads from us is no different. For that reason, we ask each new contractor to try us for at least 10 billable leads. Our average partner converts between 7 and 9 out of ever 10 leads we send them.

By trying us for 10 billable leads, you have the data necessary to measure our performance. Hopefully, we’re showing you a good return on your investment after 10 billable leads. If we’re not, you’re free to pause or cancel your account at any time.

The Criteria We Use to Define a Billable Lead

We track and review every lead to determine whether it’s billable. When evaluating each lead, we are looking to confirm that the customer is:

  1. The decision maker and can authorize the work.
  2. Inquiring about a lead type you are signed up for.
  3. Located in a service area that you are active in.

Our billable criteria include:

  • Setting the appointment
  • Exchanging direct contact information
  • Providing pricing or an estimate*
  • Referring the customer to another company
  • Failing to answer a phone lead call or respond to a text lead
  • An IVR answers a phone lead, regardless of whether they are connected to you

Again, we strive to be fair and flexible with our leads and you can dispute billable leads. If you have questions about our billable criteria, contact your account manager for more information.

There are two exceptions to providing pricing or an estimate. For our carpet cleaning leads, you can provide an estimate for carpet cleaning services. If you receive our plumbing leads, you can charge a trip fee and are allowed to provide that figure before setting the appointment.

Other Advantages of Buying Leads

Contractors are often reluctant to pay for leads, but it’s no different than paying to generate opportunities through other marketing channels. Even if you’re running your own marketing, buying leads offers a number of advantages.

Start Generating Leads Quickly – Generating leads can take time. However, buying leads from a lead generation company can start producing quality opportunities quickly.

No Marketing Knowledge Required – Although you should learn as much about marketing as possible, buying leads gives you a head start on getting more opportunities.

Get Leads While Waiting For Your Other Methods to Perform – You should take advantage of every method to generate leads. Buying leads will keep you busy while you wait for those marketing channels to perform.

Compete Against Major Brands for a Lower Cost – As an independent contractor or a local franchise, it’s hard to compete with the major brands. Buying leads helps to level the playing field. In a way, you can now go head to head with your biggest competitors.

Our Lead Types

We provide high-quality leads by phone, email, and text message and all of our leads are sent exclusively to one partner. From paid search to SEO and everything in between, we generate our leads through a variety of digital marketing techniques.

We generate leads for the following industries:

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