Turn Mold Leads into Water Damage Leads: Use Mold Leads to Generate More Water Damage Leads

Use Mold Leads to Generate More Water Damage Leads

Water damage and mold go hand in hand. So do mold leads and water damage leads. If you’re a restoration contractor looking to get more water damage leads, consider expanding into mold leads too. Whether you’re getting leads from 33 Mile Radius now or you’re managing your own marketing, expanding into mold leads can increase business and revenue.

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Customers May Call About Mold Even When They Have Water Damage

We listen to thousands of leads every week and you’d be amazed by the number of customers who worry about mold, but not about water. Many of them leave floodwaters to dry on their own and only think to call someone once mold appears. Since many customers don’t understand that mold is caused by a persistent source of water, they only think they need mold remediation services.

What to do with Mold Leads that aren’t also Water Damage Leads?

While every mold lead will involve some type of water issue, not everyone will turn into a water damage restoration lead. However, there are still ways to capitalize on mold leads as a plumbing company.

1. Refer the Lead to Mold Remediation Company

The easiest way to deal with mold leads you can’t take is to refer them to a mold remediation company. Whether you work out a financial arrangement or just sent the mold lead to them as a goodwill gesture, this allows you to pick up a few extra water damage leads you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Ideally, they’ll send you their water damage leads as well.

2. Hire A Staff Or Part Time Mold Removal Technician

Another option is to hire a mold removal technician that can work those mold leads for you. Depending on the volume of mold leads in your area, you may want to start them out on a contract or part-time basis. As more mold leads come in, you can transition them to full time.

3. Learn Mold Remediation Skills

Finally, you could choose to learn how to handle mold leads on your own. In some cases, you may be able to use mold training for your continuing education credits. Make sure you check the regulations in your area to ensure there aren’t limitations again performing both mold and water damage restoration services.

Start Getting More Water Damage Leads By Adding Mold Leads to Your Account or Marketing

Whether you’re buying our leads or running your own marketing, mold leads are another opportunity to get more water damage leads. To expand into mold leads with your own marketing, add mold keywords to your existing campaigns or create new campaigns that target mold keywords.

If you’re already in our network, contact your account manager to add mold leads to your account. Just like our water damage leads, our mold leads are sent exclusively to one partner and prices vary by service area.

If you aren’t a partner yet, fill out the form below and one of our business development managers will reach out shortly. To secure your service area and sign up now, call 1-888-594-8381.

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