3 Reasons To Start Adjusting Bids For Tablets In Adwords

You may have heard awhile back Google announced that they will be rolling out individual bid adjustments for each device type: mobile, desktop, and tablet. It looks like those changes have finally started rolling out and we couldn’t be more excited. Previously, you were only able to adjust your bids for mobile devices which left us wanting more.

So what does this mean for your campaigns?

First off, it means that you can now better adjust your bids based on the conversions you are looking for. If you are looking solely for phone calls, it might be best to only advertise on mobile devices. You can now do this by bidding down -100% on both Desktop and Tablets.

This also allows you to better optimize your cost per click. If you notice that you are getting better results and a lower cost per click on Tablets compared to the other two devices, it may make sense to bid down on the other devices to save money.

Another interesting test an advertiser could do with these bid adjustments is creating a separate campaign for each type of device. By doing this, you would be able to easily compare results and make decisions for each device type individually.

Overall, we think these individual device adjustments are going to help campaigns succeed. We will be monitoring for the next coming months to see how these changes are affecting advertisers. If you have any questions about this change, or would like help managing your PPC account, contact us today!

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