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Updated Adwords Exact Match What Does It Mean For Local Businesses?

One change to Google’s search algorithm can change everything for AdWords advertisers.

On March 17th, Google announced that they were going to change the format of exact match types.

Previously, exact match meant exactly that. If you were bidding on the exact keyword [Los Angeles hotels], your ad would only show if someone typed in that keyword.

Nothing more, nothing less, and in that order. Now, Google has switch the rules to include “close variants.” If you are bidding on [Los Angeles hotels],

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3 Reasons To Start Adjusting Bids For Tablets In Adwords

You may have heard awhile back Google announced that they will be rolling out individual bid adjustments for each device type: mobile, desktop, and tablet. It looks like those changes have finally started rolling out and we couldn’t be more excited. Previously, you were only able to adjust your bids for mobile devices which left us wanting more.

So what does this mean for your campaigns?

First off, it means that you can now better adjust your bids based on the conversions you are looking for.

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10 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Dollar’s Safe With High CPC’s

Running a Paid Search Campaign with High CPC Keywords Is Possible!

In Adwords you and your competitors are the primary cause for high CPC keywords. The more a job is worth directly relates to how much those clicks costs.

But this means, that paid search campaigns can become very expensive to run – especially if your competitors are driving up the cost per click.

If you are wondering if your campaign will ever be profitable because CPC’s are so high,

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3 Things You Missed During Yesterday’s Adwords Keynote

Were you working on your business or with a customer yesterday at between 12 and 1 yesterday afternoon? Well you are not alone.

Despite being small business friendly, Google’s Adwords feature presentation probably wasn’t a huge priority for many service professionals yesterday. And nor should it, much of the time was dedicated to features that service based business will never need.

Luckily we were able to catch most of the presentation and are excited about a few new things that Google is working on.

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What Is This New Adwords Interface All About?

Back on March 28th of this year, Google Adwords first showing previews of a new interface that was set to be to released –  original blog post seen here.

Since then you have probably have had a few emails from Google regarding the big reveal of the new interface coming out May 24th. While a new design and layout is a welcome change what does this mean for you as an advertiser?

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14 Tips For Setting Up An Adwords Paid Search Account

Many home contractors know that paid search and Adwords can be a fruitful marketing channel. Unfortunately, Google has made signing up for Adwords relatively easy, but very hard to master. While Adwords has a great guide to help you learn the basics of paid search, the finer details concerning information can be much more difficult to learn and use to their best effect. The experts at 33 Mile Radius are here to provide you with some extra tips and tricks that should make it easier to learn and use Google Adwords effectively.

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Adwords Side Ads Update

If you haven’t heard by now, Google has decided to remove side paid ads from all search results. According to sources at Google they have been testing removing the side ads for quite sometime.

Last week they finally did and it has caused quite in the stir in the paid search community. Since inception in 2000 side ads have been apart of Adwords and now in an instant they are gone.

What Happened?

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How to Pause Your Adwords While at a Job

iOS Adwords App is Here!

With all of the talk of mobile over the past few years, you would think Google would have had this taken care. Alas, some things don’t always make sense.

Anyway, yesterday Google finally released an Adwords app for iOS. While I wouldn’t recommend using it for in-depth optimization, I think it is great for home contractors to pause campaigns on the fly. Remember, if you are busy with work there is nothing wrong with pausing your paid search campaigns until you you can take more jobs.

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