Converting Plumbing Leads: How to Convert More Plumbing Leads into Jobs

Leads are opportunities to land a new job. Whether you’re generating leads through your own marketing or buying leads from a lead generation company, it’s important to know how to covert plumbing leads. Converting plumbing leads takes patience, perseverance, and a little know-how. By getting in the right mindset, you’ll convert more plumbing leads and land more plumbing jobs.

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4 Steps to Converting Plumbing Leads

  1. Thoroughly Evaluate Each Plumbing Lead – Start by validating the plumbing lead. Determine what type of service they need and confirm they can authorize the service.
  2. Take Ownership of Every Plumbing Lead and Customer – By evaluating each plumbing lead, you can weed out calls for services you don’t provide. Take ownership of the customer if there is a chance for you to perform a service, even if you need to outsource parts of the job.
  3. Treat Every Plumbing Lead Like a Valued Customer – You’re customer may not always know how to describe the problem. Be patient and compassionate as you work with them.
  4. Work on Setting the Appointment – Your goal for every plumbing lead should be setting the appointment. While you should answer their questions, always bring the conversation back to scheduling the appointment.
  5. Follow Up On Leads That Didn’t Convert – Regardless of whether you set the appointment, not every lead will convert. Set a reminder to follow up with that customer in a few days to increase the chances of converting that lead.

How to Convert Plumbing Leads into Jobs

Leads are opportunities and not every phone call or text lead will turn into a job. Converting plumbing leads requires the right skills, as well as patience and persistence. Increase your conversions with these 5 steps.

1. Thoroughly Evaluate Each Plumbing Lead

Every plumbing lead is an opportunity for a plumbing job. However, to convert the lead to a job you need to validate the lead. The most important thing to confirm is that you’re speaking to the homeowner or decision maker who can authorize the work.

In some cases, you might be working with a trusted friend or family member. If that’s the case, just confirm that the decision maker is on site to approve the work. While it’s common to turn tenants away immediately, don’t miss out on that opportunity. Instead, try to get them on the phone with their landlord. You won’t convert every lead this way, but you’ll convert more than if you passed from the start.

2. Take Ownership of Every Plumbing Lead and Customer

Once you know you’re working someone who can authorize the service, confirm the service they are looking for. Avoid dismissing plumbing leads without thoroughly investigating the opportunity. Your customer might not always know the right person to call when they need service. Look for the opportunity to perform a service.

When it comes to your service area, we recommend you let the job dictate how far you are willing to travel. While you might not want to travel an hour to clear a clogged drain, repiping a whole house or installing new plumbing in a bathroom remodel might be worth the travel time.

Even if they need water damage restoration or mold removal, you should own those leads and see them through. You can always partner with another restoration company or hire a subcontractor. It’s better to capitalize on a lead than to turn it away because you only can do a part of the job.

3. Treat Every Lead Like a Valued Customer

Depending on the situation, your customer could be frustrated, confused, or distracted. However, not every plumbing call is an emergency. Still, your customer is likely to confuse one term with another or even use nonsense words like “thingamajig”.

Remain patient and compassionate with them throughout the process. Ask them to describe the situation and work with them to understand their needs. By treating them as a valued customer from your first interaction, you build trust and reassure them that you can address their needs.

4. Work on Setting the Appointment

After evaluating the plumbing lead and setting your customer at ease, your goal is to book the appointment. However, every lead will be different. With some leads, you might be able to get your customer to agree to an appointment right away. Other times, it might take some work. Remain patience, but stay persistent about scheduling the appointment.

Price is often one of the biggest hurdles to converting plumbing leads. Customers want to know how much a specific service will cost. While it may seem safe to give pricing for a simple replacement service, it’s all too easy for the customer to decide the price is too high for them. Even if the estimate is the exact same, it’s much harder for them to turn you away when you are standing in front of them.

5. Follow Up On Leads That Didn’t Convert

You won’t be able to convert every lead you get during your first interaction. Even if you set the appointment, your customer might not have have been ready to hire you. You should set a reminder to follow up with every customer, regardless of the reason you didn’t convert than plumbing lead.

Remind them who you are and see if they still require service. Make sure to focus on their needs and avoid high-pressure sales tactics If they still haven’t made a decision, let them know your availability. If they choose to do the work themselves or hired a competitor, avoid putting their decision down.

Instead, respond positively and reiterate that you were just following up to make sure their problem was being addressed. Thank them for their time and let them know you’re there for them if they ever need anything else.

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