Partner Announcement: We Send SMS Text Messages About Calls in Surrounding Counties to Help You Get More Water Damage Leads

SMS Text Messages About Calls in Surrounding Counties

As you already know, water damage and disaster mitigation is unpredictable. Our goal is to provide every one of our lead generation partners with as many viable leads as possible.

To ensure you get as many leads as possible, we send automated SMS text message about calls in counties that surround your current service area. The text message includes the name of the county and cost per valid lead.

Responding to SMS Text Messages About Calls in Surrounding Counties

If you would like to add that county to your account, respond to the text message with “Y”. You will then receive a response text indicating that the county has been added and is now active.

While adding that county does not guarantee more leads, it does increase the chances your phone will ring. You can pause this new county at any time from your dashboard. Contact your account manager to have it removed from your account.

If you do not want to add this county, just ignore the text message and your account will remain unchanged. We will only send you a text message about leads in any given county once per week.

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You can choose to stop receiving all SMS text messages from us by replying “STOP.” Please understand that this will disable all future text messages. If you are not receiving text messages now, contact your account manager to turn SMS text messages back on.

At this time, we are only sending SMS text messages about call activity in nearby counties for our water damage leads. We may roll this feature out to additional service types in the future.

Standard messaging and data rates may apply to all SMS text messages.

Not One of Our Water Damage Partners?

Need more water damage leads? We generate conversion ready water damage leads and send each lead to only one partner. Our top performing water damage restoration partners turn seven out of ten calls into jobs.

While the average revenue from our leads is $5,000, partners have recently gotten jobs worth $50,000, $100,000, and even $250,000. Start getting exclusive, conversion ready water damage leads today.

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