Get the Most from Your Water Damage Leads: Growing Your Water Damage Business Starts With Making the Most from Your Existing Water Damage Leads

Get the Most from Your Water Damage Leads: From answering the phone to completing the job, we’re highlighting the most important ways to maximize your leads.Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock

Disaster mitigation can be a feast or famine industry. While severe weather often drives calls, hurricanes don’t happen every day. Therefore, it’s important that you get the most from your water damage leads.

We listen to a huge volume of calls and talk regularly with our partners. From answering the phone to completing the job, we’re highlighting the most important ways to maximize your leads.

While these designed these tips to help our current partners to convert more water damage leads into jobs, anyone can take advantage of them. You never know which call will be your next $10,000 or even $25,000 job.

Have a Qualified Person Answering Each Call

Water damage is still predominantly a phone-based industry. Customers want to talk to you, not an automated answering system or call center operator.

Every customer should be connected to someone qualified to answer their questions. Answering each call gives you the best chance of turning water damage leads into jobs.

Ask Qualifying Questions

Customers usually have plenty of questions for you, but you need to verify the customer has a valid water damage issue. Taking control of the conversation early in the call will help you get the most from your water damage leads.

Asking qualifying questions prevents you from wasting time on calls that are unlikely to turn into jobs. Plus, you aren’t tied up on the phone when someone that really needs your services calls in.

Focus on Setting the Appointment

Once you’ve verified the caller has a valid water damage issue, focus on setting the appointment. There is no guarantee every appointment will turn into a job, but it’s much harder for the customer to pass when you are standing in front of them.

Never Give Pricing Over the Phone

In our experience, customers looking for a price over the phone are unlikely to make a purchase. The best way to handle the situation is to let them know that you’d be happy to provide a detailed estimate after you inspect the situation.

Create a Process for Handling Missed Calls

Whether your phone was too far away or you were on the other line, you are going to miss calls every so often. Make the most of your water damage leads by having a process for handling missed calls.

Our water damage lead partners will get a text message with the customer’s phone number. If you don’t use our leads, use the redial feature on your phone. Either way, call them back as fast as possible. They will call someone else within minutes.

While you should avoid being pushy, make an effort to set an appointment even if they already called a competitor. You won’t get every job, but even one or two can make a big difference.

Know When to Pause Your Account

Our lead generation platform includes a pause feature to ensure you don’t miss calls. Whether you’re working another job or need a night off, just pause your account. You can even pause individual continues.

Add Counties or Services During Slow Times

If you are using our lead generation services, you can make the most of your water damage leads by adding additional counties and services during slow periods. Contact your account manager to add counties or services to your account.

While you might not want to drive an hour for a job when your call volume is high, but adding surrounding counties during lower volume periods increase the chances of getting more water damage leads.

Adding services will also help you get more jobs. While you might not have the equipment to do biohazard cleanup, if you already do water damage restoration adding our mold remediation leads or plumbing leads might be a good fit for your business.

If you aren’t using our lead services, you can still expand your area and services. You can expand your existing digital advertising or even place ads in local newspapers outside your normal service region.

Ask For Reviews and Referrals

Getting the most from your water damage leads doesn’t end with landing the job. Use your customers as a way to market your business. As a part of your final meeting, ask your customers to leave a review and refer you to friends and family.

Get the Most from Your Water Damage Leads

Emergency services like water damage extraction are unpredictable. While you might expect more jobs after heavy rains or a natural disaster, you can’t control when those events occur so it’s important to make the most of each call.

Whether you’re one of our partners or just looking to make the most of the leads you generate through your own marketing, these tips will help you get the most from your water damage leads.

Land High Value Water Damage Jobs Just By Answering The Phone

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