3 Surefire Ways to Ruin Online Review Requests

Online Reviews Are Tough To Get

There’s a big difference between doing something and doing something the right way. For example, if you’re cooking a meal from scratch, you (hopefully) don’t just toss all of the ingredients in at the same time and hope for the best.

Instead, you probably follow a predetermined set of instructions that will guide you through the process and leave you with a delicious meal as the end result. The reason that recipes exist at all is because someone, through trial and error, has discovered the best way to make it work and shared that information with you.

When you follow a recipe, chances are that you also follow the directions in order, because you already know that in order to get maximum results from anything you do, you’ve got to do it the right way, each and every time. If you don’t follow the recipe, there’s a good chance you’ll ruin the food.

The same principals apply to get google reviews.

Here are the three most common ways that people ruin the recipe when asking for online reviews:

  1. Poor Process is a Recipe for Disaster

If your team is not following the same process when requesting reviews from your customers, then you’re going to end up with mixed results. This is basically like having several people in the kitchen working together to create a meal except that each of them has a different recipe. It’s not going to work.

If your team is not asking for reviews, obviously you are not going to get any, but the same holds true for asking at the wrong time. Create a process that is clear and easy to follow, and then make sure that your team knows how to implement it. If everyone is on the same page, the reviews will start pouring in. Also, be sure to give incentives to your staff—not punishments. A positive attitude while requesting reviews is essential.


  1. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Many business owners who are just starting out make the mistake of asking all of their customers for reviews at once over email. The problem with this strategy is that Google will not post your reviews if it sees too many in a short period of time. This is especially true if you have never received a review before.

Rather than sending out a mass email aimed at all of your customers from a certain time period, take the time to contact them no more than 48 hours after the job has been completed. This individualized attention will pay off at a much more satisfying rate than sending email requests once a week.


  1. Don’t Forget Dessert

Not following up after someone leaves your business a review is a huge mistake. Answering both positive and negative reviews is important because it demonstrates that you are actively listening to your customers. Replying can actually strengthen your reviews since it shows that you care about your customers. Appreciating a positive review is easily done, but don’t neglect negative ones!

There is a lot of advice about responding to bad reviews, but the short and long of it is that if someone leaves you a bad review it can actually be an opportunity to make things right. Not only can you make an unhappy customer happy again (and more willing to recommend your services to their friends) but you are also demonstrating great customer service in plain sight of your potential new customers—it’s a win-win!

Unfortunately, there’s no 100% correct recipe to receive more reviews from your customers. However, once you find a process that works for you and implement it with your team, stick to your 48-hour window after the job is complete, and remember to follow up with your reviews, your success is practically guaranteed.

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