Review-Gating: Changes to Acquirly to Comply with Google’s Updated Review Policy and Submission Guidelines

Review-Gating: Google made changes to their terms of service because they feel that review-gating prevents reviews from being entirely honest and fair.Kaboompics / Pexels

Google recently made changes to their review policy and submissions guidelines and they now prohibit the practice of review-gating. As such, we are releasing an update to our review acquisition system Acquirly in order to comply with Google’s policy changes.

What is Review-Gating and Why is Google Making the Change?

Review-Gating is a practice used by many review generation systems including Acuirly that asks customers about their experience before prompting them to leave a review. Google made changes to their terms of service because they feel that review-gating prevents reviews from being entirely honest and fair.

Google’s new policy requires customers to have an equal opportunity to leave a review, regardless of whether they had a positive or negative experience. We expect Facebook, HomeAdvisor, and the Better Business Bureau will release similar requirements in the near future.

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The Bad Review Blues: How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Geralt / Pixabay

Bad reviews got you down? You may think all of your reviews need to be perfect, but bad reviews can actually help your business. If you only have perfect reviews, customers are likely to assume they are fake or you are screening them. As long as the good outweigh the bad, negative reviews prove all of your reviews are real and that you have nothing to hide.

While you may think defending your business when you get a bad review will make you look better, but typically it’s the exact opposite. Some customers may be dissuaded by a few bad reviews, but they will definitely call your competitor if they see you constantly arguing with your customers. You will look much better if your responses show that you value your customer’s business and take their opinions seriously.

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3 Out Of The Box Ideas To Get Google Reviews

Get Google Reviews The Easy Way

An important factor in marketing your business is to get Google reviews, spreading brand recognition, and forming a trustworthy online presence that customers respond well to.

While there are many ways to go about getting more positive reviews, the best way to get reviews for your business is to have your employees ask every customer for a review.

A great plan, to be sure, but the toughest part is making sure that they ask them.

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How Acquirly Helped A Water Restoration Company Get Online Reviews

How A Water Damage Company Went From 0 To 231 Online Reviews In Under 3 Months

Getting online reviews is not only one of the most important aspects of online marketing in 2017, but the process to get online reviews is also one of the most difficult.

Get online reviews

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Learn How To Get Online Reviews With Acquirly

By working closely with our home service contractors we have been able to help them successfully get more reviews online.

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Why Do You Need Customer Reviews? Ask The Data

This week’s blog post is from Chris Scott at

Recommendations go a long way. But until the digital revolution, there was no way for business owners to naturally generate this word of mouth buzz. While people are still looking to friends and family for advice, they are also turning to the virtual community for authentic opinions about a company. Whether negative or positive, customer reviews have a major influence over individual purchases.

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Contractor Marketing Question Of The Week – Google Rating Filter

Google’s New Rating Filter

Just last week, Google released its newest update to the “local stack” which allows customers to sort companies by star rating. For those of who that don’t know, this means that just because you are ranking in the local stack doesn’t mean that you will still show up after a searcher sorts by star rating.

Take a look below:

Google Rating Filter

We wrote about this rating filter in-depth yesterday but have had many questions on it so we felt it would be good to go further into it.

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Google Search Update – The “Rating Filter” Is Here

Searchers can now filter companies by star rating in the local pack using the rating filter

It was only a matter of time before reviews gained even more exposure to local searches.

While star ratings are nothing new for the internet as a whole, Google is finally allowing consumers to rank companies by star rank directly in the local pack.

What The Google Rating Filter Looks Like

Last week, searches that include the word “best”

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3 Online Review Management Tips You’ve Got To Try

Did you know that a single bad review can cost you up to thirty customers?


Conversely, consumers are 31% more likely to spend more money on a five-star business.

Needless to say, online reviews are more important now than ever. It’s not enough just to have them, you also need to manage them. That means dedicating some time and effort into making sure that you’re getting up-to-date notifications when customers review your business and responding to them in a timely and constructive manner.

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4 Ways To Get Positive Reviews With Better Responses

With the right response you can get positive reviews

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

On the battleground of the internet, it is possible for a business to succeed or fail based solely on their online presence and accessibility. In order to get positive reviews, you must create profiles across many different platforms.

While this can be a huge asset in spreading the word about your business,

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Online Reviews Lead The Way To New Business

This post originally appeared on and can be found here.

Tips for getting more reviews and effectively managing them in a way that will work for your business.

How you can get 90 percent of your clients to leave you reviews online?

If your business involves the restoration industry, then you probably already know how important it is for your business to have a strong online presence and easy ways for your customers to leave a review.

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