3 Tactics Contractors Can Use to Get Google Reviews

The Best Way To Get Google Reviews

If your business has up to date online reviews your customers will trust you to deliver the services they need. Most of the time the hard part isn’t the actual delivery on the service, but getting your customers to leave you a review online!

While most customers (especially satisfied ones) are more than happy to leave a review if you ask, they are not going to jump through hoops to do so. The easier you make it for them to leave a review, the more likely you are to get one. The simple solution is to make sure that you have set up accounts on all the main review sites.

The best review sites for home contractors are:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Home Advisor
  • Facebook

The more sites that you are on the easier it is for your customers to leave you a review.

The Power Of Google Reviews

However, there is one site that you should focus more on than any of the others. It should almost go without saying that Google is one of the best sites out there to get customer reviews on. While the others are still important, Google remains king (at least for now).

The power of Google My Business comes down to the following:

When one of our contractors are just starting with review generation we usually have them focus on just a handful of review sites. However, one that we recommend the most is Google. The reason is that it offers some of the biggest bang for a contractors buck.

How to Get Google Reviews

The great news is that getting reviews on Google is fairly simple. There are three main ways to ask for reviews from your customers: email, phone, and in person. (It goes without saying that you should not ask for reviews before the job is completed to your client’s satisfaction, but here’s a gentle reminder anyway).

Now, all three of these methods are not created equal, even though they are all definitely more effective than not asking for a review.

  • Email – Asking for reviews via email is the easiest but least effective of the three methods. It seems simple enough: every time one of your service technicians finishes the job an email is sent out to your client asking for a review of the quality of their service. The problem with emails is that they are impersonal and likely to be ignored. Worse, they could get filtered out by your client’s email server, and never even arrive. While it may be handy to have a standard email review request handy, just in case it was not possible or realistic to ask in person, it should not be your first solution for getting quality reviews.

  • Phone – Making a follow-up call to your customers once the job has been completed can be a great idea. A good phone call serves a twofold purpose: it not only allows you to address any problems or concerns that your client may have had before you ask for a review but it is also a good way to show your customers that their input matters. If your call finds a satisfied customer with no complaints, then this is an excellent time to suggest that they leave you a review online. By registering with several sites, you have enabled them to choose the format which they are most comfortable using. It is also a good time to mention that online reviews are very helpful to your business. People that understand this are much more likely to leave a review than not.

  • Ask in Person – By far the best way to get Google reviews. In our experience, the best point of contact is to have the in-home contractor speak to your client on the way out. This is a person who has been into their home and—hopefully—provided a necessary service for them. Because of this personal level of interaction, customers are often more receptive to being asked for reviews at this time. This is especially true (and effective) if they understand that they will not only be helping the business succeed but may also make their new friend the contractor look good to their superiors. The best way to implement this is to have a script ready and teach it to your contractors so that they all know how to correctly make this request.

By following these suggestions, we hope that you are better able to get Google reviews. As always, if you have any questions or salient points, we would love to hear from you via email or in the comments!

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