How Acquirly Helped A Water Restoration Company Get Online Reviews

How A Water Damage Company Went From 0 To 231 Online Reviews In Under 3 Months

Getting online reviews is not only one of the most important aspects of online marketing in 2017, but the process to get online reviews is also one of the most difficult.

Get online reviews

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Learn How To Get Online Reviews With Acquirly

By working closely with our home service contractors we have been able to help them successfully get more reviews online.

Our client, had a problem getting positive online reviews. By utilizing the app Acquirly along with some training strategies and incentives for employees, they were able to get more reviews, as well as improve their online ranking and outreach!

  • Started with 0 reviews online and now have received 231 with the application
  • Over 231 written reviews posted online

One thing that a business needs if they want to grow and prosper is a steady stream of positive online reviews. Unfortunately, this can also be very challenging, especially to small companies that don’t have the resources or outreach of their larger counterparts.

Because of this, online reviews can be even more important for small businesses to attract local clients.

That’s where we come in.

Our client’s biggest issue was that they could not find a strategy to get online reviews. Why are online reviews important?

Not only do they establish trust with potential clients, but they also give you a chance to respond and grow your online presence.

Search engines also utilize review rankings in their algorithms, so that companies with more positive reviews are more likely to be seen.

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If you are a local home service (or any local business for that matter) looking to get online reviews then take a look at our reviews generation app, Acquirly. We guarantee that you will get more reviews online in 30 days.

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