How to Get More Water Restoration Jobs with Our Leads

Water Restoration Jobs | How to Get More Water Restoration Jobs with Our Leads

Obviously, customers are the key to getting more water restoration jobs. While you may think in terms of how to target them, it’s just as much about making sure customers can find you.

Search engines like Google and Bing are the easiest way for customers to find your business. Even when customers get a referral from friends and family, they almost always end up doing a search to find out more about that company.

Another important thing to consider is that not every lead will turn into a job. And that’s why leads are so important getting more restoration jobs. The more leads you get, the more opportunities you’ll have to get water jobs.

Unfortunately, search engine marketing gets more complex every day. From changes to the way search engines work to constantly managing your campaigns, staying in from of your customers can take a lot of time.

That’s where buying our flat-rate leads can make all the difference. We look at how customers find contractors and why buying leads will help you get more water restoration jobs than managing your own search engine marketing.

How Customers Find Restoration Contractors

Part of getting more leads means thinking about how customers find restoration contractors. While it’s true that they could see your truck on the street or find you in a community bulletin, they are much more likely to do the following:

Search the Internet

You already know that your customers use search engines to find restoration contractors, but this statistic is staggering. 90% of customers search for local businesses before making a purchase or hiring a company.

And that’s why running paid search ads and optimizing your content for search engines is important in getting more restoration leads. Unfortunately, the world of search is getting more competitive every day.

From managing search terms to adjusting your bids, running successful paid search ads takes time you could be doing jobs. Plus, we haven’t even talked about Google’s system changes or the latest trends like voice and image search.

Ask Friends and Family

When homeowners have water damage, they may also turn to their friends and family for recommendations. More often than not, they’ll reach out on social media and ask who they should call.

Some friends recommend companies they’ve used before, but others may mention contractors they found with good reviews. And how did they find those contractors? By searching the internet.

While these referrals do help customers make a decision, getting a response takes. Whether they get a response or can’t wait any longer and decide to find their own help, they will probably use a search engine anyway.

How Our Leads Will Help You Get More Water Restoration Jobs

Buying our flat-rate leads is a cost-effective way of dealing with those issues. We have the resources to continually manage search campaigns and develop new content.

Our team is tracking the changes Google makes and working to adjust our strategy. This helps us produce higher-quality leads, which means you are more likely to get a job from our calls.

Whether you’re running search ads now or are haven’t quite gotten your campaigns running yet, our leads are just another way of getting more water restoration jobs. We bill you a low flat-rate when a homeowner needs your services.

Unlike other lead generation companies, we send our leads to only one contractor. Since you’re the only one of our contractors talking to that customer, you have the best opportunity to get that job.

Ready to learn more about how our flat-rate leads will get your more water restoration jobs? Then book a free demo that fits with your schedule now.

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