Using Your Equipment to Convert Water Damage Leads: How to Use Your Equipment to Convert More Water Damage Leads

How to Use Your Equipment to Convert More Water Damage Leads

Every time your phone rings or you get a text message from a customer, you have an opportunity to land a job. These opportunities are all water damage leads. For some water damage leads, you might be able to convert the customer as soon as you arrive or even while you’re on the phone. However, some opportunities may take a little more effort to get the customer to hire you. Whether you know it or not, you arrive at the customer’s property with a vehicle full of tools that can help you convert that lead. We look at simple ways to use your equipment to convert water damage leads.

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Using Your Equipment to Convert More Water Damage Leads

  1. Assess the Damage for Your Estimate – Use your tools to assess the extent of the water damage as you are writing up your estimate.
  2. Explain What Each Piece of Equipment Does – Keep the property owner with you during your assessment and explain what each of your testing devices does before you use them.
  3. Show the Customer Your Measurements – After taking a measurement, show them the reading on your meter. Put the reading into context so they understand the extent of the damage.
  4. Include Measurements in Your Estimate – Include your measurements in your estimate. This helps validate your figures and reminds the customer of your thorough walkthrough.

Equipment You Should Always Carry With You

You should keep these items with you any time you enter a property. As you walk around assessing the damage for your estimate, use these tools to both quantify the damage as well as help convert the customer.

  • Non-Penetrating Meter – Start your assessment by using non-penetrating meters to determine a general perimeter of the damaged area.
  • Penetrating Meter – Then use your penetrating meter to get a better idea of how deep the water penetrated each surface.
  • Hydrosensor – Use your hydrosensor to determine how far the water has penetrated into carpeting and carpet padding.
  • Slide Hammer – Finally, use your slide hammer to assess the moisture content of the subflooring.

These tools are often effective at getting the customer to agree to the job. While they can see the standing water, they often don’t think about water seeping into walls, cabinets, subfloors, and other materials. Your meters and testing equipment will outline the true extent of the damage.

Why Customers Are Hesitant to Hire Water Damage Contractors

1. Concerned About Price

Cost is usually the biggest concern for most customers and it’s closely related to trust. They want to know they are getting a fair price, so use your equipment to quantify the damage and build trust. Some customers may take more effort than others before they trust you.

2. Think the Damage isn’t That Severe

After price, they are likely to think the damage isn’t that bad. Even if they are standing in a foot of water, they often don’t want to acknowledge the extent of the damage. Moisture meters and hydrosensors allow you to measure the damage for them.

3. Have Unrealistic Expectations

In rare cases, some customers have unrealistic expectations about the cost of water damage restoration. They assume that if they get enough estimates, one will be much less expensive. This is the hardest to overcome, but try to build trust when you can.

How to Use Your Equipment to Convert More Water Damage Leads

1. Assess the Damage for Your Estimate

Unless they request emergency services or require some immediate action, always start your estimate with a thorough assessment of the damage. If possible, have the customer accompany you on the assessment. This allows you to ask the customer questions, as well as allows them to ask questions to you. Plus, it allows you to sell the extent of the damage at each step. This will help convert more water damage leads and can help overcome hesitation regarding the overall cost of the job.

2. Explain What Each Piece of Equipment Does

Before you use any piece of equipment, explain what it does to the customer. Even if you can clearly see staining water, start with non-penetrating meters. Walk the customer through the process and ask permission before using more invasive equipment or techniques. For example, show them the pins or bars on penetrating meters and hydrosensors. Since they’ve already seen the non-penetrating meter confirm water, explain that the penetrating meters will help quantify the damage.

3. Show the Customer Your Measurements

After every reading, show the customer the results. Not only should you explain what that reading means, but how it will impact the overall restoration process. For example, for a very high moisture reading, let them know you will likely need to replace a section of drywall. If the reading is lower, let them know you can likely dry the damage successfully.

4. Include Measurements in Your Estimate

When you are writing up your estimate, include key readings from your meters. This often helps convert more water damage leads in two ways. First, it provides a clear record of your assessment which can help build trust with your customer. Second, it reminds your customer of the level of attention you put into writing out your estimate. This should either inspire them to hire you on the spot or will set you apart from another estimate. It can even help get you the job even if another contractor’s estimate was a few hundred dollars less.

More Water Damage Leads are the Best Way to Get Water Damage Jobs

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