Water Damage Restoration Leads: Advantages of Buying Water Damage Restoration Leads

There are many ways to generate leads, from social media posts to advertising in the phone book. While many restoration companies are initially resistant to paying for leads, there are actually several advantages worth considering. Whether you’re not ready to handle your own marketing or you’re looking to supplement your advertising strategy, learn how buying water damage restoration leads can help grow your business.

What are Leads and Lead Generation

As a water damage restoration company, a lead is a potential customer calling about a service you offer. Most water damage restoration leads come as phone calls. However, they could also be text messages, emails, or social media messages.

While every lead is an opportunity for a job, not every water damage restoration lead is a guaranteed job. You will need to validate each of your water damage restoration leads and sell the customer on hiring your company.

When it comes to generating water damage restoration leads, any method that creates the opportunity for a sale is lead generation. This includes everything from social media posts to billboard ads to hiring a marketing agency.

4 Advantages of Buying Water Damage Restoration Leads

One of the easiest methods of getting more water damage restoration leads is by purchasing them from a lead generation company. While many restoration companies are initially resistant to paying for leads, it’s really no different than generating leads through other marketing channels. In fact, buying water damage restoration leads offers a few advantages over traditional marketing.

1. Start Getting Water Damage Restoration Leads Quickly

Unlike other methods of lead generation, buying leads will generate leads quickly. In most cases, you will start getting water damage restoration leads within a very short period.

2. Start Generating Leads Without Extensive Marketing Knowledge

Buying water damage restoration leads doesn’t require any marketing knowledge. While it is still advantageous for you to learn more about marketing, buying leads allow you to focus on completing jobs.

3. Generate Leads While Setting Up Other Lead Generation Methods

Another advantage of purchasing water damage restoration leads is that it will help keep you busy while you put other marketing strategies in place. Whether you’re launching paid search campaigns or developing an SEO strategy, those efforts can take weeks or even months to generate leads.

4. Allows You to Compete Against Major Brands For a Lower Cost

Regardless of whether you are a local franchise or an independent company, you are competing against several major brands for water damage restoration leads. Buying leads from a lead generation company will help level that playing field. Lead generation companies have the volume and value proposition to compete against the major brands.

Other Methods of Lead Generation

Another great thing about buying water damage restoration leads is that it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing situation. In fact, you should be trying to generate leads using all of the methods in addition to buying water damage leads. Here are just a few common methods for generating water damage restoration leads:

  • List your phone number and services on the outside of your truck
  • Ask customers for referrals and reviews once you have finished the job
  • Advertise in print publications and on billboards
  • Create a website and optimize it so it appears in relevant search results
  • Claim your business on Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo! Local Listings, etc
  • Advertise on search engines and social media platforms
  • Post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc
  • Create an email marketing campaign for past customers

What Sets 33 Mile Radius Apart from Other Lead Generation Companies

Unlike many other lead generation companies, 33 Mile Radius only sends leads to one partner. Whether you’re receiving our water damage restoration leads by phone or also via text and email message, you are the first and only contractor talking to that customer. This gives you the best opportunity to validate the customer needs your services and to close the job.

How 33 Mile Radius Generations Water Damage Restoration Leads

We use a number of marketing strategies to generate our exclusive leads, but the two biggest channels are paid search and search engine optimization. When a homeowner or property manager searches for water damage restoration services in their area, they are likely to get both paid ads as well as organic content from our marketing efforts. This increases the chances that they will contact our network. Once they contact our network, we route them to the nearest local partner.

How to Be Successful with 33 Mile Radius’ Water Damage Leads

The most important way to be successful with our leads is to respond to each lead quickly. Answer phone calls and respond to messages immediately. Then validate that the customer needs a service you provide and is in your service area. You are never billed for customers calling about a service you don’t provide outside of your agreed to locations. While every one of our water damage restoration leads won’t turn into a job, this will ensure that you convert the most leads possible. Other ways to ensure you make money with our exclusive leads include:

Try To Convert Customers Contacting Other Companies

Our ads and content will appear next to other major brands and some customers may think they are calling a different company. Instead of saying they have the wrong number, offer your services. You will only be billed if they agree to use your services.

Pause Your Account As Necessary

We offer a pause feature that allows you to temporarily stop the flow of leads. We do bill for missed leads, because they are opportunities that could not be validated. Using our pause feature prevents you from getting charged for those missed leads.

Add Notes to Your Dashboard

We strive to be as fair and flexible with our leads as possible. If there is an issue with one of the water damage restorations leads we send you, use the notes field to alert us to the issue. Include as much detail as possible as we can verify the situation and mark the lead as not billable.

Start Getting More Water Damage Leads Today

Whether you’re just getting started on your own marketing efforts or looking to supplement your business with additional leads, 33 Mile Radius is here to help your business grown.

Our water damage restoration leads are sent exclusively to one partner. Plus you have a dashboard for tracking each lead, the ability to dispute billable leads, and a pause feature so you can take the night off.

Fill out the contact form below and a business development manager will reach out to you within one business day. They will explain how our lead generation system works and answer any questions. If you need more water damage restoration leads immediately, call 888-594-8381 now.

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