Intuitive Project Management for Your Restoration Company: Stop Wasting Time On Paperwork and Increase Productivity with Job-Dox Software

Stop wasting time maintaining you paperwork with this streamline project management software that will improve communication and increase efficiency.Job-Dox | Terje Sollie / Pexels

Whether it’s sorting through a stack of folders for a specific document or updating the status of a project, you’ve probably wasted time organizing and maintaining paperwork. That’s exactly why our friend’s at Job-Dox created their project management software.

Tired of wasting time maintaining their paperwork, they developed their own solution to streamline project management, improve communication, and increase efficiency.

By going completely paperless, they also eliminated the chaos of a desk full of papers and file folders. With less time wasted managing paperwork, they were able to increase profit by devoting more time to jobs.

The Trouble With Paper Files

The two biggest downsides of paper files are that they are hard to share and difficult to maintain. Sharing a single set of paper files can be cumbersome and require technicians to pick them up or call another employee to get up to speed. Maintaining paper files for each client can be time-consuming and relies heavily on your team to properly sorting and organizing documents.

“I’ve been using it a while and love its features. It was built for the restoration industry by restoration industry people! Great program that I highly recommend!”
Doug Davis, Mako Cat

Job-Dox solves both of these issues by storing all of your files in a single place. Every member of your team can create, review, update, and manage projects from their mobile devices or any computer. It saves them from needing to carry around forms and project files and decreases the amount of time you spend managing files.

Improve Team Productivity

Not only does Job-Dox streamline the way you manage your projects, but it also includes other tools to improve your organization and productivity. It will automatically create and schedule future project tasks and send reminders to your mobile device.

You can quickly communicate with your team about jobs and easily keep track of their progress. It even includes budget tools for tracking expenses and managing receipts.

Better Customer Interaction and Transparency

Job-Dox also improves your connection with customers. Not only can you share documents with customers, but also request and receive signatures in person or over the web.

“Great software that is easy to use. Keeps your staff aligned while also providing transparency to the customer”
Tyler Otto, Restoration Solutions

You can also send and receive messages from your customers, keeping all of your communication in one convenient place. It also ensures you never forget a file or miss an appointment. Plus, it increases transparency with customers – and their insurance companies.

Centralized Platform

While there are plenty of tools designed to individually manage documents, schedules, messages, or expenses, Job-Dox is a centralized platform that manages all of them for your entire team.

There is no need to go hunting for messages or reminders, they are all in the same place. It even works on both Apple iOS and Android systems, so you can use it no matter which device you have.

Project Management for Contractors

True, there are a number of different project management applications available. What sets Job-Dox apart is that it was created by restoration contractors for restoration contractors.

“I love it! Used a competitor before Job-Dox and wouldn’t go back… Great program.”
Chad Turkett Water, Removal Systems

Job-Dox started as an internal project management suite for their restoration business. With their understanding of the disaster mitigation industry, they were able to design an intuitive and easy-to-use application to fit your project management needs.

Not only will it work for both your technicians and customers, but you can even customize it to fit your specific needs. This allows you to streamline your operations and exceed customer expectations, all while maximizing profits.

If you’re tired of spending time tracking down paper folders, Job-Dox will get you back to completing jobs and growing your business. Designed for the disaster mitigation industry, you can now easily manage your paperwork, automate tasks, collaborate with employees, communicate with customers, and track expenses all in one place. Give Job-Dox a try now free for 30 days.

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