Blocking Spam Calls May Impact Leads: How to Avoid Blocking Incoming Leads

Blocking Spam Calls: How to Avoid Blocking Incoming Leads

Few things are as frustrating as spam calls. Depending on how you handle these spam calls, you could end up blocking incoming leads. As annoying as these calls are, blocking the number could impact the number of leads you get. We look at alternatives to blocking spam calls that ensure you don’t end up blocking real calls from customers.

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Myths About Lead Generation: What You Need to Know About Buying Leads and Getting More Jobs

Myths About Lead Generation: What You Need to Know About Buying Leads

The key to getting more jobs is with more leads. You’ve also probably heard a lot of different things about buying leads. While some of the things you’ve hard might be true, there are also a lot of myths about lead generation. We look at the most common lead generation myths and help separate the fact from the myth. Plus, we tell you what you need to know about buying leads.

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The Cost of Water Damage Leads: How Much it Costs to Generate Each Water Damage Lead

The number of water damage jobs you get is directly related to the number of water damage leads you get. While you may think there isn’t a cost associated with generating leads, you are probably spending more to get those calls than you think. Even if it’s just your own time, you can attribute some cost to each water damage lead you generate. However, if you really track your expenses,

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Using Your Equipment to Convert Water Damage Leads: How to Use Your Equipment to Convert More Water Damage Leads

How to Use Your Equipment to Convert More Water Damage Leads

Every time your phone rings or you get a text message from a customer, you have an opportunity to land a job. These opportunities are all water damage leads. For some water damage leads, you might be able to convert the customer as soon as you arrive or even while you’re on the phone. However, some opportunities may take a little more effort to get the customer to hire you.

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The Cost of Fire Damage Leads: Understanding the Cost of Getting More Fire Damage Jobs

The Cost of Fire Damage Leads: Comparing the Actual Cost of Getting Fire Damage Leads

In order to get more fire damage restoration leads, you need to start by getting more leads. Whether you use display ads, local SEO, or any other advertising method, generating more fire damage restoration leads usually comes at a cost. Regardless of which methods you choose to you, you need to devote time and resources to manage your marketing efforts. From handling your own marketing to hiring an agency, we look at the 4 most common ways to run your marketing.

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Where Are You Located: Why Customers Think Location Matters and How to Respond So You Get the Job

Where Are You Located? | Why Customers Think Your Location Matters

Even in the face of a disaster or emergency, customers often fixate on location. We listen to thousands of calls each week and customers ask where the contractor is located in more than half of them. The most successful contractors are able to respond to this question with confidence, turning it into an opening to sell their services and connect with their customers. Learn the proper way to respond when customers ask where are you located and you’ll end up with more customers and more jobs.

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The Cost of Mold Removal Leads: The Real Cost of Getting Each Mold Removal Job

The Cost of Mold Removal Leads: Understanding the real cost of getting more mold remediation jobs

Getting more mold removal jobs starts with getting more leads. Leads are phone calls or text messages from customers looking for your services. There are many different ways to generate mold removal leads. With each, you need to find the right balance of cost, time, knowledge, and experience. However, it isn’t always easy to know where to start. That’s why we’ve looked at some of the most common options for marketing your mold remediation business.

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Avoiding Company Hopping: Changing Companies Every Few Months Wastes Money and Generates Fewer Leads

Company hopping is extremely common with contractors and home service companies. You sign up with a company that promises to get you jobs, but they don’t perform as you expected. Within a few weeks, you’re canceling your contract and moving on to another company. We’ve heard similar stories for many of our contractors, but unfortunately, every marketing strategy and company take a little time to perform.

Company hopping not only makes it hard for you to track your revenue but also wastes money and time.

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Advantages of Buying Leads: How Buying Flat-Rate Leads is More Cost-Effective That Other Marketing Methods

Many contractors are initially concerned about buying leads. Some think they are too expensive while others are worried that they will pay for junk calls. However, there are several advantages to buying leads as well. You get all the benefits of an industry-specific advertising agency, but you only pay a flat-rate for valid leads. Here are the 8 biggest advantages of buying leads from 33 Mile Radius.

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Being Available For Customers: Why You Need to Answer Calls 24/7

Every water damage contractor wants the most lucrative jobs possible, but sometimes those jobs will come during off-hours. If you don’t have a process for answering calls around the clock, you are definitely missing out on great opportunities to land big water damage jobs. Customers that call after normal business hours are more likely to need immediate service. This also means they are more likely to hire the first company that responds to their call.

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