Try 10 Billable Leads: Try Us for at Least 10 Billable Leads to See How We Perform

As you probably already know, not every lead turns into a job. Regardless of whether it came from 33 Mile Radius or from your own marketing efforts, some leads just don’t work out. For this reason, we always ask our partners to try us for at least 10 billable leads. Remember, we only bill you for leads if they meet the billable criteria. We want all of our partners to be successful with our leads.

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Leads By Phone: How to Generate High-Quality Phone Leads

How to Generate High-Quality Phone Leads

Most contractors are looking to get more leads by phone because the customer usually needs emergency services. Due to that urgency, phone leads often have a higher conversion rate. However, that isn’t always the case and leads by text or email are also valuable. If you’re looking to get more leads by phone, you need to know both how to generate them and how to convert them.

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Convert Mold Testing Leads into Mold Removal Jobs: 5 Steps to Converting Mold Testing Leads into Mold Removal Jobs

6 Steps to Converting Mold Testing Leads into Mold Removal Jobs

Whether you’re buying mold remediation leads from us now or just generating leads through your own marketing efforts, you will undoubtedly get mold testing leads occasionally. Your first instinct may be to turn away leads for mold testing. However, you are missing out on opportunities to close mold remediation jobs.

When it comes to mold testing leads, working the lead correctly will help convert it into a mold remediation job.

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How to be Successful With Our Leads: 8 Keys to Success With Our Leads

Thanks for joining the 33 Mile Radius lead generation network. We appreciate your business and look forward to developing a beneficial relationship with you over the months and years to come. One of the biggest questions partners ask is how to measure your success with lead generation. This article is intended to help our current partners ensure success with our leads, but it may help you decide if you want to join our network too.

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Turn Mold Leads into Water Damage Leads: Use Mold Leads to Generate More Water Damage Leads

Use Mold Leads to Generate More Water Damage Leads

Water damage and mold go hand in hand. So do mold leads and water damage leads. If you’re a restoration contractor looking to get more water damage leads, consider expanding into mold leads too. Whether you’re getting leads from 33 Mile Radius now or you’re managing your own marketing, expanding into mold leads can increase business and revenue.

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What is Lead Generation: How a Lead Generation Company Helps Contractors

One of the regular questions we get when talking with contractors is “what is lead generation.” Although lead generation is a common marketing term, it can be confusing. We demystify lead generation, explain what leads are, and outline what to consider when looking for a lead generation company.

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What is a Lead

Simply put,

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Plumbing Marketing Leads: How to Generate More Plumbing Leads with Marketing

How to Generate More Plumbing Leads with Marketing

Getting more plumbing marketing leads takes time, effort, and at least a little money. If you’re looking to grow your plumbing business without committing to a strategy, it’s unlikely that you’ll increase the number of plumbing marketing leads you get. Relying solely on having your phone number in the phone book just isn’t feasible today. The same is true for that brochure website you created 5, 10, or even 15 years ago.

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Setting Up Your Voicemail: How to Record a Voicemail Message that Converts Leads

Setting Up Your Voicemail: How to Record a Voicemail Message that Converts Leads

As a contractor, you are bound to miss a call from time to time. Unfortunately, your customer isn’t going to wait long before they call another company. In most cases, your voicemail message is the last line of defense against losing out on an opportunity completely. From setting up your voicemail box to keeping it clear, take these simple steps to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Setting Up Your Voicemail to Keep Customers

  1. Keep Your Voicemail Box Clear

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Mold Removal Marketing: Diversify Your Strategy for Marketing Your Mold Remediation Company

Diversify Your Mold Removal Marketing Strategy

Growing your mold remediation business starts with increasing the number of mold leads you generate. Leads are nothing more than opportunities to close a mold removal job. One way to generate more leads is to diversify your strategy for marketing your mold remediation company.

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Basic Mold Removal Marketing Steps

As a refresher before getting into diversity your strategy for marketing you mold remediation company,

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Plumber Leads Mean More Water Damage Leads: How Taking Plumbing Leads Can Get Your More Water Damage Leads

Plumber Leads: How to

One the of hardest parts of water damage restoration is getting enough water damage leads to stay busy. While pipes burst and storms cause flooding, disasters are nearly impossible to predict. Taking plumber leads will help keep your crews busy between water damage restoration leads.

While plumbing leads may not be as lucrative as water damage leads, they tend to have a higher volume of calls. Homeowners are more likely to need a leaky faucet fixed or a drain snaked than a dry out.

Plumbing jobs do require specific tools and skills, but they also lead to more customers. Building a good relationship with a customer means they are more likely to call you directly if they have water damage.

There are other advantages to taking plumbing leads, too. Your plumbing customers will leave reviews and give referrals too. Whether these turn into more plumbing leads or more water damage leads, the result is still more work.

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