Setting Up Your Voicemail: How to Record a Voicemail Message that Converts Leads

Setting Up Your Voicemail: How to Record a Voicemail Message that Converts Leads

As a contractor, you are bound to miss a call from time to time. Unfortunately, your customer isn’t going to wait long before they call another company. In most cases, your voicemail message is the last line of defense against losing out on an opportunity completely. From setting up your voicemail box to keeping it clear, take these simple steps to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Setting Up Your Voicemail to Keep Customers

  1. Keep Your Voicemail Box Clear – If your customer can’t leave you a message, you have already lost out on that opportunity. Clear out your voicemail box regularly. Delete messages that you don’t need immediately and only save messages that are absolutely critical.
  2. Record a Strong Voicemail Message – Script out and record a strong voicemail message. Ask relevant questions so you get an idea of the job, then set an expectation of when you’ll call them back.
  3. Respond to Voicemail Messages Quickly – Have a process for responding to customers that leave a voicemail. If you provide disaster response service, time is critical. That doesn’t mean you can wait days to respond for other services, however.
  4. Follow Up Even If They Didn’t Leave a Voicemail – Not every customer will leave a voicemail.

Don’t Allow Your Voicemail Box to Fill Up

In most cases, your voicemail box is your last opportunity to land that customer. If your customer cannot leave a message, you probably won’t get another chance to secure that job. While your mailbox doesn’t need to be empty at all times, make sure you clean it out regularly.

When you get a voicemail, your first priority is responding to the customer. After that, it’s easy to lose track of the message itself. The best way to ensure your mailbox doesn’t fill up with messages is to set aside a few minutes each day to review the messages and remove old ones.

Unless you absolutely need them, delete messages related to jobs that are in progress or completed. Adding notes to your files or project documents when necessary to prevent messages from building up. Only keep messages that are absolutely vital.

Most modern cell phones will also backup deleted messages. Although this is a nice feature to ensure you don’t accidentally delete a message you need, you do need to clear your deleted messages occasionally too. We recommend clearing your deleted messages once you have cleared your primary voicemail box.

How to Record a Voicemail Message that Converts Leads

Setting up your voicemail properly will help you convert more leads. A good voicemail message is a powerful marketing tool. Your voicemail should encourage your customer to stick with you even though you didn’t answer their call.

Script Out Your Voicemail Message

Before you sit down to record your voicemail message, write a script so you know exactly what to say. Think about what information you need from our customer. You might think you need to ask them their name, address, and phone number. While their name is important, you already have their phone number.

A better question is asking them about the service they need. If you only provide one service like mold removal or plumbing, you can ask specific questions. This is a little more difficult if you offer several services. Either way, the goal is to get an understanding of the situation.

Then set an expectation on how quickly you can respond. Even if you think you can respond to every single missed call within 5 minutes, it’s better to say you’ll respond within 30 minutes and exceed their expectations. Depending on the circumstances, this may keep them from calling a competitor while they wait.

Rehearse Your Script Before Recording

Now that you have a script for your voicemail message, practice it. You don’t need to memorize it, but you should feel comfortable reciting it. Perform it a few times for an employee or significant other to gauge their reaction. If they get lost, so will your customer.

As necessary, go back and revise the script until it feels right. Remember, the goal of your voicemail message is to save an opportunity. It should work for as many situations as possible, comforting and reassuring your customer. However, it also shouldn’t be a monologue.

Record Your Voicemail Message

Finally, you’re ready to record your voicemail message. Set aside time in a quiet, distraction-free space.  The goal is to record a crisp, clear, and professional voicemail message.

Avoid recording the message when you are tired, on a job site, or anywhere there is a lot of background noise. After recording your message, listen to it before saving. You may need to record it a few times to get it right.

Respond to Voicemail Messages Quickly

If your customer left a voicemail, follow up with them as soon as possible. For emergency services, you should call back within less than 30 minutes. Call back sooner whenever possible, as your customer will likely call a competitor within a few minutes.

If you are on a job site or driving and can’t call back immediately, send them a text message after listening to their message. Avoid calling or messaging your customer without listening to their voicemail first. Contacting them only to say “sorry I missed your call” doesn’t instill confidence.

How to Call Your Customer Back If They Left a Voicemail

Once your customer answers your call, start by telling them who you are. Give both your name and the name of your company. Instead of apologizing for missing their call, reference their specific issue. Responding with compassion to their issue builds trust.

Validate the lead the same as you would have if you answered their call initially. Then offer to come out and inspect the situation. Give them a specific time you can arrive for the estimate. Obviously, an emergency water situation is more urgent than a mold assessment.

While you may want to ask if they already called another company, focus on getting them to set the appointment. You should only try to counter-sell them if they say they called another company or already have an appointment. Try to sell them on the idea of getting a second estimate with you.

Ask when the appointment is or how soon the other company will arrive. For emergency services, try to beat or meet the estimate from the other company. For less urgent issues, try to book an appointment for a more convenient time.

Handling Customers That Don’t Leave a Voicemail

If your customer doesn’t leave a voicemail, it’s even more important to act quickly. They are more likely to have an emergency and will move on to the next company in a few minutes or less. Call them back within a few minutes of their call. However, the process is very similar. You won’t have an idea of their issue so skip right into validating the lead. Review the services you offer and ask if they have an issue you can help with.

Responding to Voicemails and Missed Calls Quickly Increases Your Chances of Converting the Lead

Obviously, you won’t convert every single voicemail or missed call. However, you will convert more opportunities than you would if you just ignored them entirely. In either event, remember these steps to ensure you convert as many leads as possible.

  • Call them back as quickly as possible
  • State your name and company name
  • Reference their issue directly if possible
  • Respond compassionately to their needs
  • Validate the lead
  • Offer to come out for an assessment
  • Be specific about your response time
  • If they mention calling another company, offer to provide them a second estimate

Start Getting More Leads

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