Customers Asking For Another Company: How to Convert More Leads Into Jobs When The Caller Is Asking For Different Company

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You’ve undoubtedly had customers call you asking for another company. While you could tell them they called the wrong number, you are missing out on a job opportunity. By being proactive on the phone, you will be able to convert a few cold leads into jobs.

Why They Are Asking For Another Company

There are two main reasons a caller is asking for another company. Either they are following up on an existing job or they need some type of disaster mitigation service. If they are calling about an existing job, just let them know if they have the wrong number. If they are looking for service, however, take the opportunity to sell them.

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Focus On Services and Availability

If the caller needs service, let them know you are a different company that offers the exact same services. Engage them about their problem and let them know you are available to come out right then. Some callers may still want to call a specific company, but others will just be eager to have someone come help.

Use the Local Angle When Possible

If the customer is calling about a national chain or franchise, don’t be afraid to exploit the local angle. Whether you’re a local, independent company or a local franchise of a national company, you can still sell them on being local. If you are locally owned and operated, say so and include how long you have been serving the community.

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Avoid Being Pushy

While you should definitely take this opportunity to sell your services, avoid being pushy about it. Remember, they were asking for another company. If the customer isn’t interested, that’s okay. Wish them well and let them go. This isn’t about closing every call. It’s about capitalizing on a few extra calls you weren’t even anticipating.

Always Answer Honestly

While you may be tempted to embellish the truth, it’s more likely to hurt you in the long run. Promising faster or cheaper service and pretending to be someone you’re not just isn’t worth it. Customers will respect you more for being honest, even if they still call someone else.

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