How to Use Your Smartphone to Get More Water Damage Jobs

How to Use Your Smartphone to Get More Water Damage JobsSaulo Mohana | Unsplash

Are you missing out on water damage jobs because you aren’t taking advantage of your smartphone? Your phone is loaded with apps that easily allow you to connect with your customer and market your water damage and reconstruction services.

Before You Pick Up Your Phone
While it may not seem like it, most companies try to make phones and apps easy to use. Sure, they can be confusing at times, but there is a tutorial for everything you want to know. Most manufacturers post how-to videos on their website, but you can find out how to do anything by searching YouTube.

Setting Up Voicemail and Email So You Don’t Miss Out On Jobs
Answering your phone is the best way to get the job, but let’s face it, you’re going to miss calls now and then. Make sure you properly set up your voicemail so you don’t lose jobs. At the very least, you want to clearly identify your company and ask for their name and phone number.

If you have an email address or contact form on your website, make sure those messages are coming to your phone. Texting is getting more common, especially when communicating after you already booked the job, so make sure you’re checking those messages too.

Obviously the faster you respond, the more likely you are to get the job. Try to reply to voicemails and texts within the hour, if not less, and emails within six hours. You do have notifications turned on, right? No sense losing a job, especially when your phone will notify you.

The Most Undervalued App on Your Smartphone is the CameraTookAPic / Pixabay

Your Camera: The Best App You Are Probably Forgetting to Use
The camera is one of the most undervalued business assets on your phone. Whether you need to remember a specific model or part number or how to put something back together, your camera is there for you. And of course you are always taking before and after photos of your jobs, right?

Plus, your camera also takes video, so you can film that customer testimonial or how to video so you can post them on your website or social channels later. Think photos and video are just a waste of time? Potential customers are 85% more likely to buy after seeing original photos or videos.

Connecting With Customers on Social Media and Review Apps
Whether you use a review management system or manage your reviews on your own, having social media and review apps installed is a must. Make sure you turn on notifications so you don’t miss when a customer asks a question or leaves a comment or review.

Whenever possible, respond within six hours and remember that you aren’t just responding to that customer, but to all of their friends and every potential customer you have in the future. No matter what they say, stay calm and focus on a positive resolution. It’ll make you look better and help grow revenue in the future.

You have one of the most powerful marketing tools sitting right in your pocket – use it. From setting up your services to communicating with customers, don’t miss out on customers because your competitors are better equipped to connect with them.

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