Prioritizing Multiple Jobs: Keep Customers Happy While Working Multiple Jobs With Good Organization and Communication

There will be times when you’re working a job and get a call about another. Good organization and communication skills are the keys to prioritizing multiple jobs.Surfin_Rox / Shutterstock

Due to nature of water damage and disaster mitigation, you can’t predict when customers will call. Whether you’re running your own marketing or using lead generation, there will be times when you’re working a job and get a call about another. Good organization and communication skills are the keys to prioritizing multiple jobs. Whether you’re an owner-operator or are operating several crews, these skills will keep all of your customers happy.

Prioritizing Multiple Jobs

The best time to prepare for managing multiple jobs is when you’re taking on a new job. When writing up the estimate and project schedule for that job, leave yourself some room for adding a second or even a third job.

By planning for multiple jobs from the start, you’ll be in a better position to complete each job on time. The worst case scenario is you finish the job ahead of schedule if you don’t pick up another one.

Take Detailed Notes

While notes might not see that important when working only one job, they are extremely helpful when prioritizing multiple jobs. They ensure you don’t forget to do something or confuse one job with another. They are especially important if several employees will be working on that job at a different time.

Plan Out Your Schedule

Most people think about a schedule for employees and customers but forget about managing your gear too. Keeping an updated schedule of who will be at which job with what equipment is important when prioritizing multiple jobs. This ensures you have the people and tools to complete each job on time.

Set Expectations With Customers

You should always manage your customer’s expectations, but it’s especially important when prioritizing multiple jobs. Regardless of how many jobs you’re working, make sure you’re setting realistic timelines and communicating effectively with your customers. This not only ensures they are happy with your work but that you also earn their repeat business and referrals.

Taking On Too Much

If you find yourself stretched too thin, you may want to consider other options before trying to renegotiate with your customers. You probably know a few different people who might be able to join you on a short-term basis to wrap up a few jobs.

If you are short on gear, consider calling an equipment rental store. In a pinch, you may even be able to rent something from another contractor. While extra labor or equipment will add to your expenses, they might be worth it to finish your jobs on time.

As a last resort, contact your customers and briefly explain the situation. Have a new timeline prepared in advance. While you don’t need to offer a discount, you may consider having one prepared should your customers pushback.

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