The Secrets To Repeat Business: Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again With These Tips

Win more jobs with these customer service tipsTim Mossholder / Pexels

Water damage and disaster mitigation are often seen as one and done jobs, but that’s no reason to treat your customers as disposable. Repeat business is easiest when you offer non-emergency services, but your customers have friends, family, and neighbors that may face a disaster. Whether through repeat business or referrals and reviews, learn how to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Hire The Right Team

Your employees are the face of your company. They will reflect poorly on your if they are sloppy, rude, or vulgar. Hiring employees interested in performing quality services for your customers will help ensure repeat business.

They should be clean and present a good image of your company. Even when cleaning up sewage or cutting out mold, they should be courteous to your customers and respectful of their space.

Provide Dependable, Consistent Service

Consistent and reliable service is critical to repeat business, so strive to perform the same level of service for each customer. This is especially true of lower value jobs.

While you may be tempted to postpone those in favor of more lucrative jobs, customers are more than happy to share their negative experiences. By treating customers equally regardless of the value of their job, you will build a reputation for quality service.

Forge Relationships With Customers

All too often, we live in an Amazon automated check out world. Customers make the call, hire the cheapest contractor, pay, and forget all about it. Break the cycle by providing good customer service and engaging with your customers.

Talk them through your estimate, explain the details, and be compassionate to their circumstances. Being proactive in your relationship with customers will set you apart from the competition and drive repeat business from your customers.

Make Follow Up Calls

Don’t forget about your customer once you complete the job. Giving them a follow-up call a few weeks afterward helps reinforce the relationship you’ve built with them.

While you can remind them of the other services you offer, avoid a sales pitch. Stay focused on making sure that they are happy with your work. Ask them to share their honest feedback and address any issues they bring up.

Getting More Repeat Business In A Nutshell

Following these steps will help you get more repeat business from your existing customers. Even if you only provide emergency services, a solid customer service foundation will lead to positive reviews and referrals that generate new jobs.

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