What Is This New Adwords Interface All About?

Back on March 28th of this year, Google Adwords first showing previews of a new interface that was set to be to released –  original blog post seen here.

Since then you have probably have had a few emails from Google regarding the big reveal of the new interface coming out May 24th. While a new design and layout is a welcome change what does this mean for you as an advertiser?


Assuming that Google will not go to the great lengths to change the interface and nothing else here are a few things that we expect to be updated.

Here is a quick preview of what we can expect in the new interface:

Google Adwords Interface Is Changing For The Better


Easier To Use Video Ads

The web is quickly becoming a place dominated by videos. Being that Google owns one of the largest video sites on the internet, YouTube, it will be no surprise that they will be making it easier for all advertisers to start advertising with video ads across the web.

This should not come as a shock to anyone as Facebook is making it very easy to advertise with video as well as Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Easier To View Data

One of the things that has held back many small advertisers in the past, is the depth and complexity of the Adwords interface. Even, professionals that work in the system daily complain about the lack of structure and placement of certain key elements.

That being said, expect to find that the key performance indicators of the campaign to be at the forefront. Instead showing more data, expect to see less data that is accessible quickly and easily.

The best and worse thing about Google Adwords is the depth of data that Google gives. Unfortunately, many people get caught up in metrics that are not important to their specific business. This leads to over analysis, which in turn leads to either to over optimization or no optimization at all.

Easier To Create Campaigns

Google forever wants to get more businesses signed up and spending money with them. Therefore, it is critical to make the sign up and creation of new accounts, campaigns, and ads easier and easier.

While they have done a good job in the past making it easy to sign up and get going, expect it to be even more streamlined come May 24th.

Keep in mind that this interface update will not change how your ads are running or performing, so don’t worry that something like the side ads disappearing on the right rail taking place!


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