Google And Their Bad Adwords Ads

Those on Adwords know that Google does not mess around when it comes to Ad violations. In their latest report they review how the 1000 plus employee ad team blocked over 780 million ads just last year. The type of ads that they blocked revolves around the following:

  • Counterfeiters
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Weight loss scams
  • Phishing
  • Unwanted software

Whats This Mean For You?

These probably have nothing to do with your own campaign within home services but this reminds me of some of the keys in making an ad that meets Google’s Requirements.

Keep in mind the following when creating ads:

  • Follow basic spelling and grammar
  • Proper use of Capitalization
  • No phone numbers
  • No generic call to action phrases – “Click Here” etc.

Here is the full list for further review.



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