How to Stop Spending So Much Time On Your Business Paperwork

PHOTO: Business and tax paperwork on a cluttered deskStevePB | Pixabay

Although business paperwork is a vital part of keeping any business successful, the simple truth is that almost no one likes doing it. Some think that paperwork keeps them from doing jobs that make money, while others find it stressful or boring. Regardless of the reason that you avoid paperwork, it’s a necessary evil. Instead of trying to escape it, create a process that keeps the time you spend on paperwork to a minimum.

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Recruiting, Hiring, & Retaining Talent in Today’s Job Market

PHOTO: We are hiringGeralt | Pixabay

As we continue to help businesses like yours grow, we constantly get asked how to recruit and retain quality employees to meet the increased job demand. To help, we asked our friend Justin Sifford, a Senior Partner at the recruiting firm Wylander Solutions, to share some insight. Justin has over five years experience as a recruiter and over twenty working in the flooring and construction industries.

At Wylander, we constantly get calls from owners in desperate need of talent for their market. Sometimes it’s a more proactive approach – the owner has had steady growth, and they see the trend is expected to continue, but other times, it’s a call for help.

Finding new talent seems easy, but in my experience it’s more difficult than expected. It’s not just about finding a qualified candidate, but also getting them to agree to pay, bonus plans, benefits, commute, etc.

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Question Of The Week – New Exact Match In Adwords

What were the changes that Google recently made to the exact match keyword in AdWords?

If you are running your own paid search campaign you may have heard that Exact Match has been updated by Adwords.

The update has come as a shock to many as Exact Match used to be exactly what it meant – the keyword you are bidding on will only show up for people that are searching for exactly that keyword.

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Under 5 Reviews Are Useless In Google

Your star rating will not show on GMB unless you have 5 reviews

Google has changed the way that they show reviews in the search results. The recent update changes how reviews are shown to searchers. In the past, the star rating of a business was shown to searchers no matter if the company had 1 or 100 reviews in the search view. However now, unless you have more than 5 reviews your stars will not display.

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How to Add Google Reviews to Your Website

Reviews on third party sites are critical for you to get more business, but you also need to learn how to add a link to Google reviews to your website.

If you are not showcasing reviews on your website, you are doing you and your business a disservice. Getting reviews can be extremely challenging so when you have reviews you should showcase them as much as possible.

There are two simple ways to start getting reviews on your website. Depending on your skill level you might need to call whoever is managing your website. However, if you know a thing or two about websites you should be able to do it yourself.

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Facebook Can Generate You Home Service Leads In 4 Simple Steps

The future of your lead generation relies on you to reach customers on Facebook

Social media platforms have been transforming the way everyone in the world does business. Comedians, makeup artists, wedding photographers, and real estate agents have all seen a shift in their customers wanting to find and interact with them online. But can you get home service leads from it?

A lot of contractors think that social media is not for them because it doesn’t produce the very glamorous photos or hilarious anecdotes we see so many professionals posting on online.

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Transform your Facebook Page From Nothing To Something In 5 Minutes

Whether you like to admit it or not most people – including your customers – are on Facebook and using it daily basis (even if they do not admit it).

The problem is that many home contractors do not see the value in using it for their business, and simply leave their Facebook business page a ghost town of logos and old photos.

Is Your Facebook Business Page A Ghost Town?

If you are like most people the hardest part of getting going on Facebook is not the setup of the page or posting relevant posts –

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The Ultimate Video Guide to Google My Business Part 3

Want to know more about Google My Business? You are in luck! Mike is back again with part 3 of the Ultimate Guide to Google My Business.

In the last video, Mike spoke about getting your listing setup correctly within GMB. Which if you missed it, is the most important part of getting ranked in the local stack. If you haven’t watch it yet be sure to do so.

Let’s Talk Reviews

This week is all about reviews.

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3 Common Problems Setting Up Your Domain Name (And What to Do About Them!)

Creating and launching your website is a big deal! Your website is often the first point of contact between you and your potential customers, so you have to make a good first impression. Whether you are completely hands-off, hands-on, or somewhere in between, there are some key components that you have to understand before you get started. Remember, launching a site can be stressful—but it doesn’t have to be!

Before you create a new site or redesign your current one,

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