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Contractor Marketing Question of The Week – Mobile Optimized Website

You might be losing out on home service leads with a poor mobile website

Over 60% of all searches are now from mobile phones. If your website is not mobile optimized your business is going to suffer for two reasons:

  1. Users will not convert on your site
  2. Google will not rank your site organically and will increase your bid in Adwords

Watch our 1 minutes video on the importance of mobile optimization and how to find out if you site needs help!

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Contractor Marketing Question of the Week – Conversions

What Should be the Primary Goal of a Contractor Website?

We are trying something new here.

Each week we are going to come to you with a new question that gets answered by one of our experts on the 33 Mile Radius team.

The questions are going to be on a variety of topics around contractor marketing so please send in your hardest hitting questions.

The catch is that each question must be answered within 1 or 2 minutes and try to include actionable advice or thoughts.

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Choosing Mobile Optimization: Mobile Websites Vs. Responsive Web Design

As the population continues to rely more and more on mobile devices for online searches and browsing, websites have responded in kind. Many sites now cater to mobile visitors so that it is easier for users to use and consume the content on the site. As you are probably aware, many sites that are not mobile-optimized can be difficult, if not impossible to use from your phone or tablet. This happens primarily because the site is not properly coded for mobile viewing.

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Page Speed

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google has delivered a wealth of tools to help web designers and business owners alike optimize their online experience. Nobody likes a slow-loading web page. In fact, most people would rather go back to their search and pick a different website rather than wait more than a few seconds for the page to load.

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