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The Simplest Guide to a Stress-Free GMB Setup

How to setup your GMB page The Right Way

There are many things that you can do to boost your online presence, and setting up your Google My Business page is one of the best—and easiest! Learn How to setup your GMB page the easy way.

If you have not already done so, this is a good time to consider taking the time to list your company with Google My Business. Here are some tips and tricks that will help to make your GMB page shine!

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The Best Local Business Review Sites for Home Contractors

Online reviews are becoming a vital part of marketing and there are many customers out there who will decide whether or not to hire you before they ever engage with your business at all. These potential customers are reading your online reviews at many of the different local business review sites on the internet.

While many small businesses may register for one or two, maybe just Google+ or Yelp, it is always better to register your business with as many review sites as possible.

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How to Add Google Reviews to Your Website

Reviews on third party sites are critical for you to get more business, but you also need to learn how to add a link to Google reviews to your website.

If you are not showcasing reviews on your website, you are doing you and your business a disservice. Getting reviews can be extremely challenging so when you have reviews you should showcase them as much as possible.

There are two simple ways to start getting reviews on your website. Depending on your skill level you might need to call whoever is managing your website. However, if you know a thing or two about websites you should be able to do it yourself.

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What To Do When You Receive A Failing SEO Report For Your Website

Not All SEO Reports Are Truly Honest

As a small business owner, you have no doubt become accustomed to the constant barrage of sales calls from a slew of marketing agencies promising you the world and asking for your money. As you well know many of these companies will use various tactics and technical information to try and trick you into buying their services. Sadly, this type of sales tactic isn’t going away and is used by many of our competitors.

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Why Should Home Contractors Start Using Photos and Video?

Are you using on the job photos and videos as part of your Local Online Marketing? If not you need to start now!

Pictures are worth 1000 words. Sure, it may sound cliché and overused, but in today’s online environment nothing captures the imagination—and the customers—like a great picture.

Today, pictures are worth a thousand views, and it’s crucial that you remember this as you develop your local marketing strategy.

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How Reviews Can Get You $5000 A Month In 2 Steps

How To Get An Extra $5000 A Month In Jobs With Adwords and Customer Reviews

Successful local marketing is all about constant tweaks, testing, and trial and error. Without testing, you will never grow your marketing strategy to its full potential.

This is because your competitors are already testing or have tested what marketing refinements are working in your area.

The main problem that most home service contractors have is standing out from the crowd.

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The 4 Ways to Get And Manage Reviews

Get Reviews The Right Way!

To get reviews for your business online you can either to it the hard way, or the easy way.

Regardless of what you choose it all come down to what tool you use to get reviews.

In other words, you have to ask your customers for a review each time the job is done, but you also must be strategic about your approach.  So, what is the best way to approach your customers asking for reviews?

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Emailed Verification For Google My Business Is Here

No Longer Wait For Verification

Anyone who has gone through the process of verifying a Google My Business listing knows the pain and frustration it can cause. While it sometimes is seamless many times to requires a patience and telling all of your employees not to throw away junk mail for a few weeks.

However, for those who haven’t yet verified their business, have had issues in the past, or have new locations to add to GMB can rest easy.

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Why Pokemon Go Can Actually Be A Boon For Your Local Business

Pokemon Go, at this point you have played it, know someone who is playing it, or heard about it on the news.

I was out to dinner with friends last night and I saw endless amounts of 18 to late 20-year-olds walking around with phones out, stopping at seemly random businesses and landmarks trying to catch Pokemon.

At first I thought this was silly, and even mocked some of these players but I then reluctantly downloaded it and started playing –

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The Ultimate Video Guide To Google My Business Part 4: Understanding Insights

What is the point of doing all of the correct things in Google My Business if you are not measuring your success? Today, learn how to dig into the insights page within your account to learn the health of your listing.

Insights For Google My Business

Get great GMB data with the insights page

In our opinion, measuring data is the most important step in Local SEO success. If you do not measure and account for trends in data then you will never be able to fully optimize your account.

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