Contractor Marketing Question of the Week – Conversions

What Should be the Primary Goal of a Contractor Website?

We are trying something new here.

Each week we are going to come to you with a new question that gets answered by one of our experts on the 33 Mile Radius team.

The questions are going to be on a variety of topics around contractor marketing so please send in your hardest hitting questions.

The catch is that each question must be answered within 1 or 2 minutes and try to include actionable advice or thoughts.

The first question is one that we get from contractors who are just setting up a website.

Watch it now!

Conversions should always be a top priority for any website – especially ones built for home service contractors. If your website doesn’t convert, then you are just going to burn cash while marketing toward it.

A tactic that we didn’t get into is to get google reviews and add them directly on your site to help increase conversions. This sort of social proof is sometimes all you need to turn a poor converting website into a lead generating beast!


Hello and welcome to the first ever Contractor Marketing Question of the Week. Today, I have Matt Staton, one of the co-founders here at 33 Mile Radius. Today’s question is, what should be the primary goal on a contractor website?

Drew, that’s a great question. Sadly to say, many people actually don’t even ask that question. You know, usually when we start diving in and ask that question, people will start off with brand awareness, things of that nature. We basically like to drill down into three why’s. It’s like, “Well, why do you want brand awareness?” Usually, the response is, “Well, we want more visitors.” Then, Why do you want more visitors? As we keep digging deeper, the ultimate goal comes down to conversions. What conversions translate into is basically forum submissions and phone calls. Without forum submissions and phone calls, you’re not going to get those leads that turn into customers.

Great answer, Matt. I think that can help a lot of people out there trying to design their own website. If you have a question for us here at Contractor Marketing Question of the Week, feel free to reach out to us at and email us at [email protected]. Thank you.

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