Building Your Brand With Lead Generation: You Still Grow Your Customer Base and Business When Buying Leads

A common argument against using lead generation companies is that you aren’t building your brand. However, building your brand starts with good customer service.Tashatuvango / Shutterstock

One of the most common arguments against using lead generation companies is that you aren’t building your brand. True, most lead generation companies typically don’t advertise your business directly. However, you can definitely still build your brand while using a lead service.

Building Your Brand Starts With Customer Service

Brand recognition can be important, but they need to remember you for the right reason. While showcasing your company logo and name is important to building your brand, you also need to provide good customer service. If your customers aren’t satisfied with your service, it doesn’t matter how many times you drop your company name.

Answering the Call

The opportunity to build your brand begins as soon as your phone rings. Answering the call with your first name and the name of your business starts the process of branding your company.

The customer might ask if you’re one of the restoration sites we use to generate leads. If they do, explain you are one of the partner companies that handles local jobs in their area. Restate your company name and let them know you are ready to assist them.

Setting The Appointment

As with any other lead, there will be some general discovery questions. What’s the nature of the emergency, confirm they are the homeowner or decision maker, and determine their location. Once you’ve confirmed they are a viable lead, focus on setting the appointment.

Describe the truck and confirm the name of the person who is coming. Give an approximate time that you will arrive. Then thank them for calling. This may seem like overkill, but it will reassure your customer and help build your brand.

Closing The Sale

Continue building your brand by providing a detailed estimate. Be sure to greet them with a firm handshake, your name, and your company name. Outline the benefits of using your company and provide a schedule of when you expect to complete the job.

Completing The Job

After getting a signed contract and completing the job, provide a receipt or other document of completion on your company stationary. Thank them for using your company and walk them through the service you provided.

While you can offer them a business card or refrigerator magnet, avoid wasting tons of marketing materials. The truth is, they are likely to end up in the recycle bin. Verbally explaining the other services you offer is more personal and less obtrusive.

Getting Reviews and Referrals

Now is the time to ask them to leave a review and recommend you to friends and family. When asking for a review, be specific about where you’d like them to post the review. Google and Facebook are great choices because most people have accounts.

Also, let them know you rely on referrals from customers to sustain your business. Ask them to share your name and number with neighbors, friends, and family if they have a similar emergency.

Owning Your Customer

From the moment you answer the call, you own this customer. It doesn’t matter whether they came from a referral and review, your own marketing efforts, or from a lead generation service. It’s up to you to provide the customer service needed to remember you.

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