Emailed Verification For Google My Business Is Here

No Longer Wait For Verification

Anyone who has gone through the process of verifying a Google My Business listing knows the pain and frustration it can cause. While it sometimes is seamless many times to requires a patience and telling all of your employees not to throw away junk mail for a few weeks.

However, for those who haven’t yet verified their business, have had issues in the past, or have new locations to add to GMB can rest easy. Google has started to allow some customers to verify their business by email.

Aside from telephone, this can be a quick way to get your business on Google My Business much faster. However, it is for everyone.

From what we understand and tested this requires the following:

  • Business Email Address – no generic email addresses
  • Business email matches business website URL
  • Business URL matches the business name

Again this is based on a few tests we have tried internally. While this was just released the other day, we can only assume when it will work will change over time. Any future updates will be posted here.

Remember verifying your GMB is one of the first steps to getting ranked locally if you need help take a look at our videos on getting setup with GMB.



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