Holiday Tips from 33 Mile Radius

With the holidays right around the corner and schedules getting busy with family activities, it is important not to lose sight of your business activities – especially if you are an emergency service contractor or water damage contractor. Emergencies and home floods can happen at any time, and unfortunately, just because you may be with your family, doesn’t mean the work stops. It can be difficult to make the decision whether or not to pause your accounts or leave them active, but here is some of the reasoning behind each method to better help you prioritize. Your friends at 33 Mile Radius wish you all the best during this hectic time, and to that end, here are a few suggestions to help minimize work-related stress and get you through this busy time of year:

Pause Your Accounts

If you need some time with the family and do not have a call center or another person to answer phones, it may be a wise idea to pause your marketing efforts for a little while. While some forms of marketing cannot be stopped anytime, you may want to pause some of the other lead sources. For example, sources such as paid search can be quickly and easily turned off by contacting your account manager, or logging directly into your paid search accounts. Lead generation sources should also be paused if you feel that you need more time at home. At 33 Mile Radius, you can simply log into your account, pause for the duration of your holiday activities, and resume when you are ready.

Keep Your Accounts On

Holidays are stressful for everyone, but having a home flood or other emergency can ruin the big day. If possible, we recommend that you keep your marketing active, since many of your competitors may not. The holidays present an opportunity not only to attract customers that you might not otherwise get but also to really make a big difference for someone else this holiday season. The customers that you save during the Holidays will generally be more than happy to give you a good review or use you again in the future. With that being said, here at 33 Mile Radius, we recommend that you keep your marketing on as much as possible!

Work Balance

In conclusion, it can be difficult to balance work and family time this holiday season, and finding that balance is a determination that every business owner must make for themselves. While the holidays can be an opportunity for some, for others it is a time to gather with the people they care about most and enjoy a reprieve from the everyday challenges of the business world. Remember, though, especially for those of us in the restoration industry, that maintaining a business presence around the holidays is one way to gain the gratitude and loyalty of customers who have all but lost the hope of having a happy holiday! Saving someone else’s holiday experience can be a rewarding way to add to yours, and a good story to share with your own friends and family when you get back home. Happy Holidays, from your friends at 33 Mile Radius!

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