The 6 Best Sites to Use When Asking Your Customers to Leave Reviews

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Don’t Just Ask For A Review – Have Your Customers Leave You A Review In The Right Place

Have you ever gone to a website and simply given up when you got there because you got a login screen?

I have.

Sometimes it’s because I forgot the password, other times they want me to sign up for something I don’t want, but most of the time I’m just too lazy to type in both the username and password.

One major issue we find is that many home service contractors want reviews on sites that require you to either sign up or login. However, if your customers are like me this is a hassle and they will give up before they will give you a review – no matter how good your service was.

The solution is simple

If you want reviews – and trust us, you need more reviews – then you are going to have to start sending your customers to sites that are easy to leave a review on. This is where Review conversion rate comes in.

What is review conversion rate? It’s the rate at which you ask a customer for a review and receive a useful response. Just like how conversion rates on your websites let you know the rate at which you get new leads, review conversion rates let you know how many customers you ask for reviews actually give you one. One of the biggest killers of the review conversion rate is the dreaded sign in / sign up screen.

If your customers have to sign up for a new service to leave a review, you might as well kiss it goodbye. People (including me) are lazy; even logging in might be enough to have them give up on leaving you a review—and asking them to register with a website they don’t plan on ever using again? Forget it!

Boost Your Review Conversion Rate

The solution is to offer them a handful of review sites that they are already familiar with, but what are these sites and how do you come up with them?

The first step is to find the sites where reviews will help you get more customers, and the second step is to find sites that customers actually use. This combination is like combining oxygen and hydrogen to make rocket fuel!

The Top 6 Sites to Increase Your Online Reviews

There are thousands of sites where you can leave a review, but if it doesn’t help rankings or people don’t use it you are just wasting your time. Don’t worry, though; we’ve already done the work for you! Here are the top six sites you need to be guiding your customers to:

Google My Business

Although Google does require a login, most people already have an account with Google and are typically already logged into their account. Even better is the fact that Google remains the top place people are looking for local business. Furthermore, data shows more Google reviews actually help your local stack rankings.


The majority of people have a Facebook account and they are almost always logged in. Besides Facebook’s popularity, there is the fact that they recently announced they are going to start paid search component to their search results and we believe Facebook reviews are going to be an important factor to rankings and higher click through rates.

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Better Business Bureau

About 12.7 Million visitors a month rely on the BBB. With the new option to leave reviews, it has become even more important. Add in the fact that the reviews will be syndicated and no login is required, and you will want to send more and more people to your BBB listing.

Believe it or not 28 million people a month us to find local businesses. While it is not as big as Google or Facebook, users are able to submit a review using either of those logins.

Angie’s list

Angie’s List is interesting for two reasons: over 13 million people use the site a month and they recently offered their listing for free to everyone. Furthermore, they opened it up to all people to view a review. To leave a review, however, customers will need to log in.


A newcomer to the reviews and directory space, Houzz has over 27.4 million monthly visitors. While many people are still not using it to look up local service contractors, customers do not need an account to leave a review. Houzz does require a street address to verify the project.

My Opinion – Yelp

Many of you know about Yelp – it is a great place to get reviews on restaurants and local businesses. The problem with Yelp is not on the setup but the way that you get and receive reviews on it. It is very difficult to manage reviews on the platform and the reviewer has to be a yelper (in other words a power user of the site). While you should focus on Yelp reviews it should not be your top priority.

What Next?

During your review process to get more reviews be sure to include options for your customer to leave a review on all or one of these sites. They are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck and at the same time will be easy enough for your customer to use that they actually follow through.

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