Get Water Damage Leads with Plumber Leads

Plumber Leads Are A Great Way To Grow Your Water Damage Company

Have you thought about using plumber leads?

Mutualism is a type of symbiosis found in nature where two organisms from different species rely on each other to the mutual benefit of all.

For example, while both bees and flowers are different organisms, they benefit from contact with the other. Bees go from flower to flower, gathering the nectar the need to make food, but while doing so, they collect and spread pollen on their fuzzy bodies, thus enabling the plants to reproduce.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

The same thing can be found in business relationships where both parties have similar interests and the ability to lend the other a helping hand.

The restoration industry can be competitive at times, and it may seem counter-productive to work with other companies in the same industry—or even the same business—as you. There are benefits, however, to working together.

For example, it’s possible to use plumbing leads to get more water damage jobs—without hiring a plumber on staff!

Different Species

While the water damage restoration industry and the plumbing industry often overlap, it is entirely possible to run a plumbing business without dealing with the water damage end of things—and vice versa. Hiring a plumber or water damage restoration specialist can be costly and the benefit may be minimal when compared to paying an entire yearly salary.

There may be other considerations as well, that can make you hesitant about expanding your talent pool. Rather than give up those plumber leads entirely, there is another option that can prove useful to everyone.

Work Together

Recently, we asked one of our clients whether or not he had a plumber on staff. He had been receiving plumber leads but admitted that he would rather send them along to various local plumbing businesses in order to help build and reinforce his business connections in the area.

While it may seem more logical to just hire a staff plumber and keep the leads, he went on to explain that by sharing plumber leads with his local contacts he was not only strengthening his reputation but also paving the way for reciprocity.

You see, the businesses that were receiving the plumber leads were far more likely to send him the water damage leads they got in return.

Everyone Wins

This strategy seemed far too reliant on the goodwill of others to be a sound business model. We asked our client whether they were *really* seeing any benefits from this arrangement. He assured us that although the leads tend to be a fairly small percentage, it was still a good way to make a significant amount of money without much effort.

After all, they didn’t have a plumber on staff anyway. If even two or three jobs come his way because of this method, he’s definitely coming out on top!

The Evidence

Our client’s strength in networking combined with our effective 33 Review app meant that his company is definitely doing well. Our client was able to spend very little money on getting new leads but was able to achieve 70% billable leads!

The ability to get new leads is one of the leading factors that will predict whether your business will succeed.

Whether you’re the flower or the honey bee, pairing good old-fashioned networking savvy with the SEO strategies and software from 33 Mile Radius is a recipe for success.

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