Plumber Leads Mean More Water Damage Jobs: Keep Your Restoration Business Busy and Get More Water Damage Jobs By Offering Plumbing Services

Plumber Leads: How to

One the of hardest parts of water damage restoration is keeping your business busy. While pipes do burst and storms do cause flooding, disasters are nearly impossible to predict. Taking plumber leads will help keep your crews busy between restoration jobs.

While plumbing jobs may not be as lucrative as water damage jobs, they tend to have a higher volume of calls. Homeowners are more likely to need a garbage disposal installed or a drain snaked than a dry out.

Plumbing jobs do require specific tools and skills, but they also lead to more customers. Taking a plumbing leads are likely to lead to more water damage restoration jobs. Plus, your plumbing customers will leave reviews and give referrals too.

Refer Plumber Leads to a Local Plumber

The easiest way to take advantage of plumber leads is to partner with a local plumber. Find a reliable plumber who would be willing to take your plumbing jobs in exchange for sending you their water damage restoration jobs.

While you aren’t directly making money from the plumbing leads, a couple good water damage jobs each year will more than make up for your time. Plus, you have a good relationship with a qualified plumber should you ever need one.

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Hire a Staff or Part Time Plumber

If you plan on diversifying your business, you might consider hiring your own plumber. Depending on how much time and effort you want to devote to plumbing jobs, you have two main options when hiring.

Hiring a full-time staff plumber gives you the most flexibility in accepting plumber leads, but also comes with a higher price tag. Contracting a couple of part-time plumbers to assist as needed is less expensive, but limits your flexibility in taking jobs.

Learning General Plumbing Skills

If you plan to devote a fair amount of time to plumber leads, you may consider learning general plumbing skills as an alternative to hiring. If you get a plumbing job that goes beyond your skill set, you can always subcontract or refer jobs out as you learn.

While this may take more time, cross training could even benefit your water damage restoration business. Knowing how to do the work yourself eliminates the need to outsource plumbing problems during restoration jobs.

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Add Plumber Leads to Your Account or Marketing

If you’re already one of our water damage lead partners, considering adding plumber leads today to keep your team busy between water jobs. Contact your account manager today to secure your service area.

For restoration contractors doing their own marketing or using another marketing company, consider running dedicated plumbing ads. Even adding plumbing keywords to your current campaigns will help generate more plumber leads.

Get More Water Damage Jobs with Plumber Leads

Obviously, not every plumbing job is going to turn into a water damage lead. However, the more customers that know your company’s name, the more likely they are to call you when they have a water damage emergency.

Plus, you may just show up for a plumbing job to find out that there is water damage. Remember, customers are untrained. If they see a toilet overflowing, they are may fixate on that problem and not the water damage to their kitchen ceiling.

Whether you refer jobs out to local plumbers, hire a part-time or staff plumber, or learn how to do plumbing jobs on your own, taking plumber leads can help grow your restoration business.

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