These Proven Call Strategies Will Help You Convert More Water Damage Calls Into Jobs

Convert more calls into jobs with these proven call strategiesJohn-Paul Joseph Henry / Unplash

Water damage and disaster mitigation are predominantly phone based, so it’s important that you know how to convert those calls into jobs when the phone rings. Instead of trying to make the sale, focus on these proven call strategies that reassure customers and make them feel confident in your ability to resolve their situation. By building trust with your customers, you won’t have to sell them at all – they’ll be glad to hire you.

Make Your Phone Number And Hours Easy To Find

Customers should be able to easily find your phone number and business hours, which hopefully include round the clock emergency services. They should be prominently listed on your website, Google My Business page, Facebook and Twitter profiles, review sites, and any other service or site you use.

On your website, use TEL tags so customers can easily call you from their mobile devices. If you are available 24 hours a day for emergencies, make sure you clearly include that on your website and in the company bio or description fields on your social media accounts as well.

Decide Who Answers The Phone

Building confidence with your customers starts with having the right people answer your calls. Most jobs are won or lost in the first ten seconds, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Whether it’s always the same person or you rotate through a number of employees, make sure whoever is taking calls answers them correctly.

Consider using a call answering script to streamline the process. Anyone answering calls should rehearse the script so they are completely comfortable with the messaging. It should quickly identify your company name, the name of the person answering, and ask the caller how you can assist them.

Be Patient And Compassionate

While disasters and water damage are everyday occurrences for you, this is likely new territory for your customers. They might be frustrated or emotional, so be patient. Try to show compassion for their situation and reassure them that you will guide them through the process.

Remember that your customers aren’t experts. They may use the wrong terms or give confusing descriptions. Stay calm, use the simplest terms possible, and answer their questions as honestly as you can. Never be afraid to say you can’t answer a question until you can evaluate the situation in person.

Offer An Estimate To Get In The Door

Customers may be hesitant to make a commitment even in an emergency situation, so offer to come out for a no risk estimate. A free estimate works best in our experience, but clearly outline fees if you choose to charge. Ideally, you want to arrive within thirty minutes, faster if possible. You are likely to lose the job to another company if you aren’t available to come out quickly.

One of the most common phone mistakes you can make is giving an estimate over the phone. It’s understandable that customers will want an estimate before you begin work, but there is no way you can make an accurate assessment without inspecting the situation first. If they want you to give an estimate before going out, they are probably just price shopping.

Set Their Expectations

The easiest way to disappoint your customer is by failing to meet their expectations. By setting clear and realistic expectations, you will land more jobs and avoid problems as the job progresses. Before you end every call, confirm their address, tell them who is coming and when they will arrive, and explain the services you are expecting to provide.

We listen to hundreds of disaster mitigation phones calls each week and regularly hear our partners using these call strategies to convert more jobs. To start converting more jobs, make sure you:

  • Publicize Your Phone Number and Hours
  • Have the Right People Answering Calls
  • Respond With Patience and Compassion
  • Avoid Giving An Estimate Over The Phone
  • Set Clear and Realistic Expectations

Not only will these call strategies get you more jobs, but you should also see an increase in referrals and positive reviews. Interested in learning more about call strategy? Watch our free Converting Phone Calls into Jobs webinar.

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