How to Instantly Improve Online Reviews

Improve Online Reviews And Start Getting Results!

Whether you are looking for a good restaurant in an unfamiliar area, a real estate agent, or someone to help with a restoration job, the chances are good that you’re going to use an online review service to explore your options. These days, when people are looking for trustworthy advice about services they need, they turn to online ratings. Therefore, it goes without saying that no matter what area of business you’re in, you should always be looking for ways to improve online reviews.

Better reviews mean that more customers will click through to your website, which leads to more jobs, which can lead to more reviews.

Once you have established that cycle, your business is certain to improve. We have already discussed how to get more reviews in previous articles, so here are three ways that you can instantly improve your reviews online.

Step One: Bury the Bad

Not every business starts off getting stellar reviews. Maybe you were trying to nail down the details on a new process. Maybe your team hadn’t hit their stride yet. Accidents happen, but now you find yourself leashed to some bad reviews and it’s hurting your (new, improved) business model. Assuming that you’ve addressed the original problems generating these bad reviews, the best way to move forward is to bury those old bad reviews with new ones.

You can start by making sure that you ask all of your new (and hopefully satisfied) customers to leave reviews. An influx of positive reviews will quickly turn the tides. Try asking former customers as well, especially if they seemed satisfied by your work but didn’t bother to leave a review. Don’t forget to respond to both good and bad reviews with appreciation!

Step Two: Star Customers = Star Ratings

While 90% of customers rely on reviews for advice, only about 6% actually leave them. Your former customers are a vast and untapped market for good reviews if you go about asking them the right way. Ideally, the best time to ask a customer for a review is right at the end of your transaction, after you have assured yourself that they are fully satisfied with the experience. Otherwise, a phone call or email reminder can work wonders.

Be sure to explain to your customers that an online review can really help your business, they might not know how important it can be but most people are willing to help you out once they learn this. Your repeat customers can be exceptionally helpful under these circumstances. Repeat customers are great because you already know that they are happy with your services. They will likely be more than happy to leave you a good review if you ask them to.

Step Three: Respond to Bad Reviews

Nobody likes getting a bad review. It is tempting to ignore, or even delete, bad reviews but this can actually be a big mistake. When you receive a bad review it’s easy to take it personally, but this can actually be a great opportunity to display great customer service.

When a customer leaves a bad review, respond quickly and calmly. Ask them what you can do to make things better for them, or in what ways your service could be improved upon.

When they respond, take action! Don’t give them empty promises—this is a good opportunity for you also.

This actually gives you a chance to improve online reviews immediately!

Bad reviews can help to point out the ways in which your business process isn’t working perfectly, which gives you the chance to look more critically at how things are working. When prospective customers are reading reviews and deciding whether or not to choose your business for their needs, they will see that even when your customers aren’t happy you are still willing to go the extra mile for them. In this way, even a bad review can leave a good impression. For more detailed advice about dealing with bad reviews read our article on how to respond to online reviews.

It’s not always easy to improve online reviews, but it can do wonders for your business. By burying bad reviews with good ones, reaching out to your repeat customers, and focusing on good customer service, you can see an immediate boost in your ratings online.

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