Internet Marketing

Why It Is Critical for Home Contractors to Track Inbound Calls

Data Tracking Isn’t Tricky

Marketing used to be a guessing game; local businesses would spend their hard earned dollars on Yellow Pages, billboards, TV and radio spots, and newspaper ads with the goal of making that money back with new customers. It was essentially a black hole, with everyone following the same rules—copying each other until the end result was ads that merely tried to stand out from the rest. Now with call tracking that is no longer the case!

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3 Steps to Closing More Calls

Turn Calls Into Jobs In Just 3 Proven Steps

Some calls just sound better than others. They tend to flow better, help the customer, and convert more callers into jobs.

If you listen to your calls, you can tell instantly which ones they are.   However, for every great call, there are even more calls out there that are missing something. Adding back that missing element can turn a bad call into an amazing one with just a few tweaks!

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Communication with Clients

These days, there are more ways than ever to communicate with each other. Not only does this include new ways to connect to our friends and family, but also ways to contact our customers. Communication is a two-way street, and clients are finding and contacting your business in many different ways like social media, online chat, and text messaging. Whether you offer emergency services or just standard services, all business owners should be aware of and take into account the variety of ways that clients can find and contact you.

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Holiday Tips from 33 Mile Radius

With the holidays right around the corner and schedules getting busy with family activities, it is important not to lose sight of your business activities – especially if you are an emergency service contractor or water damage contractor. Emergencies and home floods can happen at any time, and unfortunately, just because you may be with your family, doesn’t mean the work stops. It can be difficult to make the decision whether or not to pause your accounts or leave them active,

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3 Lessons That Emergency Home Service Contractors Can Take Away from Black Friday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means that Black Friday is lurking right behind it. Some people are drawn by the promise of wallet-easing sales, others are repelled by the blatant consumerism so soon after a holiday celebrating gratitude . . . but however you feel about Black Friday, there are definitely some lessons that any emergency service contractor can learn from it.

Advertise Your Emergency Contractor Hours 

Over the last few weeks,

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Mobile Friendly Web Sites and Responsive Web Design

Mobile Friendly Websites & Responsive Web Design

Your website is often your first opportunity to make a good impression on potential clients, therefore, it makes sense to design your website to be appealing and easy to use. Anyone with a smartphone knows how annoying it is to follow a link to a website with tiny text that is not formatted to be read on a small screen.

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Partner Dashboard Overview Video

Partner Dashboard

There are many advantages to doing business with 33 Mile Radius, but one of the services that we’re most proud of is our Partner Dashboard. The Partner Dashboard makes it easy to access all of your information and settings online.

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Marketing Experts for Flood Damage Companies

The success of a company is highly related to the quality of service and skills provided to customers. However, even companies with high quality service often miss out on a lot of business because they are not marketing themselves appropriately.


Successful marketing is all about getting your companies name across in a positive manner to the people who are in need of your service or product. When it comes to the market of water restoration specialists many companies provide excellent service to their clients,

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